It has come back to that time of year again where there is chill and frost in the air. As a business or business owner this means we need to look at Winter Health & Safety Equipment. This is where we at G-Force Europe can help.


You may know or may not, we are a direct manufacture in the UK of Winter Preparation Equipment. 


‘Winter is Coming’ which usually brings frost and icy conditions, causing other forms of Health &  Safety risks. Although not quite as many problems as for Westeros in the Game of Thrones, there are risks for staff and visitors if preventative measures are not put in place.


One of the biggest risks is frosty, icy pathways that can become very slippery public and staff access areas. We at G-Force manufacture grit bins and can provide everything you need to make the pathways and access areas safe. At least this means one less worry for you during your busy day!

G-Force are the direct manufacturer of Grit Bins and we offer two sizes with optional salt and utensils available. Please click below

GB200 –

GB350 -

We can also provide you with shovels, white & brown salt, and salt spreaders.

Make sure your grounds are safe this winter with G-Force Europe.


G-Force Europe are a UK manufacturer who ensure that they provide the best customer service and highest quality for all of our storage and material handling products.

To get in contact with our team today please call 01933 224392 or email [email protected]


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