Grit Bin – 350 Litre – GB350

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Grit Bin - GB350.

The GB350 is a 350L heavy duty, secure, watertight, grit bin designed for the storage of salt and grit for spreading on walkways, driveways and car parks. The Supertuff grit bin is not only lockable and stackable, it is completely plastic and is weather resistant and resistant to denting, breaking and cracking. 

It also features fork pockets to enable it to be easily handled. The watertight, lockable lid ensures that salt and grit stores are kept uncontaminated and dry.

More Information
Product Name Grit Bin – 350 Litre – GB350
External Dimensions 1175mm x 790mm x 795mm (L x W x H)
Features Supertuff grit bin designed for outdoor storage of grit and salt. Heavy duty, weather resistant, completely plastic construction. Watertight, lockable, stackable grit bin complete with fork pockets. The Supertuff grit bins are resistant to denting, cracking and breaking. Available in a range of colours on request.
Volume Capacity 350 Litres

Sleek and stylish the SuperTuff grit bin offers practicality, secure containment for grit and salt and a long lasting durability that you will find hard to match. Manufactured from a tough and durable polyethylene plastic these grit bins are water-tight, reliably keeping their contents dry and unspoiled. The hinged lid is easily lockable with a padlock, thus leaving no requirement for any further fixings. Built to last the SuperTuff grit bin is solely made from plastic, there is not one metal component involved, this guaranteeing that the bin will not rust or corrode. The SuperTuff grit bins are supplied complete with clearly marked Grit / Salt lids and are available in different sizes and colours to meet your requirements.

Why buy Grit Bins – 350 Litre – SuperTuff?

  • Easy to handle – These salt bins incorporate a number of features that assist with the handling, storage and transportation of the product. They are designed to stack and nest within each other, saving ample amounts of storage space when not in use and when in transit. They also have a set of fork pockets at the base which allows fork lifts to easily handle and manoeuvre them.

  • Practical design – Completely constructed from plastic the SuperTuff grit bin is guaranteed not to rust or corrode. This combined with a lockable water-tight lid will ensure that all contents are kept clean, dry and secure.

  • Fast delivery – Our grit bins are held in stock for quick delivery direct to your site, ensuring that you will be prepared for the cold wintery months. We also supply a selection of white salt and grit and winter preparation kits.

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