The UK is the 9th largest manufacturer in the world by output*


Over the years working within the manufacturing industry. We have heard many people on several occasions say that the UK has lost all its industry and there are less skilled people within the country. So much so there are articles such as “Who Killed British Manufacturing” and “Why doesn’t Britain make things anymore?


This may be the case for the most predominant industries in the 70’s for example the shoe manufacturer and steel. Yes, the manufacturing business did see a slight decline 0.95% between 2010 and 2019, according to figures from the World Bank. But even with this the UK saw a constant growth of manufacturing output grew by 4.3% during this period, with an increase in jobs of up to 124,000.


We as a country are now seeing an increase in manufacturing industries within the Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical & Pharmaceutical and Construction just to name a few. With average growths of up to 39% since 2010**.



The reason why we are mentioning this, is because as a UK manufacturer we want to show that no matter what you hear it is not always true. Not everything you wish to purchase is from China, poor quality and therefor cheap. We are a direct manufacturer in the UK which provides high quality, hardwearing products at good value.


Take a look at our website we have many products in which can help most industries which we manufacture here in the UK and we even export these to other countries worldwide.


In conclusion do not believe all you hear down the grape vine and let’s believe in UK manufacturing and help it to prosper even further.