Wheeled Dollies

Wheeled Dollies

A wheeled dolly is a piece of equipment used to transport heavy goods usually compromising of a platform with 4 wheels and two axles. G Force manufacture offers a range of industrial quality material plastic dollies to best assist with moving, storing and handling plastic containers, stacking boxes, stack nest crates, stackable plastic trays, confectionery trays, stacking bins, tapered tubs and other and any other appliance. Our plastic dollies are manufactured from heavy-duty and durable material including food grade polyethylene, recycled polyethylene, mild steel and stainless steel. Each plastic dolly is designed to be hygienic and easy to clean. Our plastic wheeled dollies are a great appliance for transporting stacks of 400 x 300, 600 x 400, 800 x 600mm Euro plastic containers as well as stack nest baskets, stacking crates, tapered moulded bins and inter stacking tubs.

The majority of our industrial plastic wheeled dollies are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and are available in over 12 food approved colours to help with colour coding. Heavy-duty and durable, each plastic dolly is designed to be easily cleaned, hygienic and simple to maintain. These attributes have made the G-Force brand of hygiene plastic dollies great for use throughout many commercial industries including food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, medical and vetinary, catering and hospitality, the bakery industry and sweet and confectionery. The seamless and crevice free designs make each plastic dolly to be used within many high care environments such as food factories, commercial food preparation areas, hospitals, care homes, clean rooms and anti-static laboratories to name a few.

Incredibly robust our brand of 600x400 plastic wheeled dollies prove to be essential pieces of handling equipment on an industrial level, providing years of reliable service when handling plastic boxes and plastic stack nest crates within industries such as warehousing and retail distribution, engineering and general manufacturing, farming and agriculture, waste and recycling. A number of our plastic dollies and plastic double dollies offers the best handling for European plastic stacking containers, providing the export and import industries with a means for handling large stacks of Euro sized stackable boxes safely and securely. Dollies are similar to hand trucks but can genrally carry more weight with more stability as a hand truck only has two wheels.

Which plastic dolly or 600x400 dolly should you buy?

  • For plastic stack nest crates - Plastic dollies designed for handling 1 or 2 stacks of plastic stack nest containers, Maxinest bale arm baskets and plastic stacking crates are a common sight across a number of industries. Ideal for these types of plastic containers and bale arm crates we are manufacturers of the RM90D single plastic dolly, the RM50DY plastic double dollies and the RM54DY universal dolly. For a cost effective solution we also manufacture recycled Eco plastic dollies designed for non-food handling applications and supply a pair of 600x400 plastic dollies, the BP64DR and BP4060GR.
  • For European plastic stacking containers - Often called Euro stacking boxes or European stacking containers, G-Force manufacture a range of Euro plastic dollies to suit many different brands. Handle stacks of food trays and plastic stacking boxes with a standard European sized footprint safely and securely with the RM91DY plastic Euro dolly, the RM52DY double plastic dolly and the RM54DY. Perfect for 600 x 400mm plastic Euro containers as well as Maxinest bale arm crates the RM54DY is able to handle many different types of plastic trays due to its in-step design.
  • For plastic confectionery trays - Our complete range of confectionery stacking trays and colour coded bakery trays are compatible with the RM35DY plastic confectionery dolly. These hygienic dollies are perfect for handling stacks of plastic food trays used within the bakery industry for storing and handling food ingredients, bakery products, baked goods and confectioneries. The food grade confectionery trays are commonly used for point of sale display of pies, pasties, cakes, savoury goods and baked morning goods within bakeries and our robust plastic dolly allows you to easily manoeuvre the plastic containers around a hectic bakery or industrial bakery plant.
  • For plastic inter stacking tubs - Plastic inter stackable bins, food bins, bakery tubs, food ingredient bins or plastic stacking tubs, no matter what you know them by our RMSBD plastic dolly is designed to suit these round plastic tubs. Available in a wide selection of colours for colour coding the plastic dolly is designed to work with all sizes of our plastic food tubs and inter stacking bins making then suitable for many brands and industires. A popular choice for food factories and the bakery industry these plastic dollies can handle stacks of colour coded bakery tubs safely and securely, even with lids on.
  • For plastic tapered bins - Commonly used for food ingredient storage, waste and recycling and many other storage, food handling or materials handling applications our moulded tapered tubs are a popular choice for the fish frying and chip shop sectors. Commonly known as potato tubs or chip bins the plastic tapered tubs are available in a wide range of sizes and the RMTBD plastic dollies are perfectly suited to handling the majority of these food bins.


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