Grit Bin – 200 Litre – GB200

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  • External dimensions: 1080 x 670 x 695mm (L x W x H)
  • Pallet quantity: 14
  • Material: Plastic (MDPE)

The SUPERTUFF GB200 is a 200L heavy duty  plastic grit bin designed for holding grit and salt for spreading on paths, driveways and public spaces. The Supertuff grit bin is lockable, stackable, and weather resistant.

Manufactured from a tough and durable polyethylene material the entire grit bin is made of plastic, with no components vulnerable to rusting or corrosion. The watertight, lockable lid helps to ensure that salt and grit stores are protected and kept dry. The grit bin incorporates a stackable design that includes fork pockets for easy handling.




More Information
Product Name Grit Bin – 200 Litre – GB200
External Dimensions 1080mm x 670mm x 695mm (L x W x H)
Features Supertuff grit bin designed for outdoor storage of grit and salt. Heavy duty, weather resistant, completely plastic construction. Watertight, lockable, stackable grit bin complete with fork pockets. The Supertuff grit bins are resistant to denting, cracking and breaking. Available in a range of colours on request.
Volume Capacity 200 Litres

Clearly marked “Grit / Salt” the SuperTuff grit bin offers a stylish and robust storage solution for the containment of salt and grit. Manufactured from a tough UV stabilised polyethylene material these grit bins are design to withstand harsh weather conditions. Produced solely from plastic and incorporating a water-tight hinged lid these bins are perfect for storing grit and salt, helping to keep their contents from perishing under poor weather conditions. The lid is lockable using a simple padlock, ceasing the requirement for additional hasp and staple fixings, helping to keep the contents secure and prevent spoiling. The SuperTuff grit bin has a nestable design including a set of convenient fork pockets to allow for easy handling via fork lift. Choose from a variety of sizes with additional bags of salt and grit also available.

Why buy Grit Bins – 200 Litre – SuperTuff?

  • Durable plastic composition – Manufactured completely from a strong and durable plastic material these grit bins are guaranteed not to rust or corrode and offer a storage solution of salt and grit that is made to last.

  • Water-tight construction – Incorporating a water-tight lid and with the base being constructed from a single mould the grit bin will keep its contents clean and unspoiled.

  • Bulk purchasing – Our SuperTuff grit bins stack and nest inside each other and have handy fork pockets making them easy to handle and manoeuvre with a fork lift truck. If you wish to purchase in bulk we offer fantastic discounts, call us now for a quotation.

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