Supertuff Lockers


Plastic lockers are great for many environments ranging from schools and universities in the education sector to private healthcare centre’s and NHS hospitals, where we have noticed that they have become increasingly popular. We think this is for numerous reasons judging by the fantastic comments and feedback we have received on our UK manufactured locker range!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

This is true of many things and our Supertuff lockers are available in 3 different heights. Are the lockers for the pediatric department? Will the LK1 small 450mm height locker be better suited? Is it a locker big enough to hang coats and jackets that is wanted, in which case the LK3 plastic locker which is the tallest in the range and can be fitted with a hook might be the right option. All of our lockers can inter-work with each other so you can mix-and match the height sizes to create your own locker bank just like the image on the left. Whatever the need, we are confident that one of our plastic lockers will be the size that fits.


Hygienic & Easy to Clean
A factor that must come into consideration when ordering products for healthcare and hospital envrionments is the ease to clean the unit. Simply wipe down or spray with anti-bac and it is clean. Our Supertuff plastic lockers are manufactured from food grade certified polyethylene plastic, plus, if you add a sloping top then it means rubbish or belongings can not be left on top of the locker. We also offer locker stands that are designed to lift the lockers up from the floor so that they be easily cleaned underneath.

No Sharp Edges
Due to the design of the Supertuff plastic locker range, being rounded on every edge, it means that even the youngest of people toddling around in the hospital will not come to catch their clothes or skin on any sharp edges.



Colour Co-ordination
Supertuff plastic lockers can be offered with the doors made in 13 different colours. A number unlucky for some but not so for us! Maybe the locker door can match the colour of the scrubs worn? Or perhaps you want a different colour for each different department. Maybe you just want a variety of colours to make a ward look brighter and cheerier, or you like everything to be in the uniformed colours your healthcare centre uses. Whatever colour you need we will have a locker to match or compliment.


Lock Solutions
With 6 different lock options, we have the locks to suit the needs of our customers. The key lock has proven popular, but only if you trust people to have their key on them!  If the lockers are for the nurse’s station, you’ll be good to go as we all know nurses are organised and efficient and will have their key attached to their upside-down watch. The padlock lock is popular for lockers used by different people in a day. All you need is a padlock of your choosing (combination locks appear popular, then you can’t lose the key) and take your padlock with you when you leave, and the locker can be used by others.


Strong and Durable
All of our products and designed and manufactured with strength and durability being the priorities. Our Supertuff plastic lockers are built to last! They are weather resistant, secure and robust so perfect for any healthcare centre or hospital. Feel free to ask for a quotation with no obligation and we offer bulk buy discounts.