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Winter Is Coming

25 Oct 2022

It has come back to that time of year again where there is chill and frost in the air. As a business or business owner this means we need to look at Winter Health & Safety Equipment. This is where we at G-Force Europe can help.


The growth of UK Manufacturing despite what you hear

17 Aug 2022

The UK is the 9th largest manufacturer in the world by output



11 Aug 2022

At G-Force Europe, we have actively taken large strides to ensure we do our bit for the environment & help cut down on excess hard-wearing plastic waste.


Supertuff Lockers

04 May 2022

Plastic lockers are great for many environments ranging from schools and universities in the education sector to private healthcare centre’s and NHS hospitals, where we have noticed that they have become increasingly popular.


ONS report that West Northamptonshire has the most warehouses in the UK

22 Apr 2022

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has recently reported that West Northamptonshire has the most transport and storage premises in the whole of the UK, with North Northamptonshire coming in not far behind in 3rd.

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Welcome to the G-Force Europe web shop, here you will find a wide range of workplace equipment and supplies to help keep your site running safely and efficiently. Our extensive product range is made up of many different product groups, some manufactured in our own UK factory. We offer products for all areas of an organisation including the factory, warehouse, storeroom, workshop, office, canteen and carpark. To make it easy to find the items you need our site is broken down into 12 easy to navigate categories, listed below. As always if you are struggling to find please contact us and our friendly customer service team will be very happy to assist:

Lockers and cloakroom – Most organisations need to provide secure storage for staff, visitors or students. Our range of plastic storage lockers provides a wide range of different locker options, such as our general purpose metal or steel lockers, tough and resilient plastic lockers and useful work wear lockers. We also have a range of school lockers perfect for the classroom or school hallway. To complement our range of lockers we also offer cloakroom equipment including cloakroom benches and seating.

Workbenches and cabinets – We offer a wide range of industrial storage cabinets designed for storing many different items around the workplace, such as our range of COSHH Cabinets for the safe and compliant storage of hazardous substances and our first aid cabinets are perfect for the safe storage of medical equipment and supplies.. We also offer a wide range of workbenches providing practical, economical and efficient solutions to suit different applications.

Shelving systemsShelving is an essential and practical storage system used within almost every organisation. Our wide large range of shelving systems provides many different options such as industrial shelving units, wire mesh shelving, plastic shelving, plastic racking and flexible modular shelving systems. Many of our shelving systems are perfect for use as catering or warehouse shelving

Warehouse equipmentAn important part of any organisation is the warehouse or storage area. We feature a wide selection of purpose built equipment, designed to make the best use of warehouse space, with a selection of storage and safety products, such as our industrial mirrors, warehouse racking, picking bins and bunded pallets with spill pallets for hazardous substances and liquids.

Storage containersWe offer a wide range of storage containers for general storage, in-house handling or external distribution. Many of the solutions offered are plastic containers, plastic crates or plastic boxes that can be re-used numerous times, providing excellent value for money. Such as our popular range of euro stacking containers, plastic pallet boxes for bulk storage and our range of robust tote boxes.

Trucks and trolleysThe right truck or trolley can make many jobs around a workplace easier. We offer a wide range of options for both industrial and less demanding workplace applications. Our mobile container trucks, bottle skips and bottle bins are a popular choice thanks to their versatile design. Many of the trolleys we offer are for internal use around a business such as our pallet trucks, platform and shelf trolleys. Our range of roll containers and wheeled dollies can also be used for distribution applications.

Steps and laddersFrom small single step units to large extending ladders, our range of steps and ladders should contain the solution to tackle any workplace access problem. We offer a choice of mobile or static options, including our popular spring activated mobile safety steps.

Office furniture – The right office furniture can help keep an office organised and working properly. In this section we offer essential office items such as desks, pedestals, chairs and filing cabinets. For office security we also offer a range of high security business safes, cupboards and key stores.

Kitchen and canteen - Kitchens and canteens throw up a unique set of challenges and it is important the right equipment is used to maintain hygiene and efficiency. We offer a range of products designed for this type of application, including bread baskets and trays, ingredients bins and catering shelving.

Waste and recycling – Some workplaces generate more waste than others dependant on the business activities carried out. In this section we feature a range of waste collection bins including indoor and outdoor bins. Recycling is a key aim or requirement for many businesses; our range of recycling bins offers a range of options to choose from.

Cycle storage and facilities – Our range of cycle storage products helps companies looking to encourage staff to cycle to work, a great initiative taken up by many companies. Alongside bike racks and shelters, in this section we also offer outdoor shelters, seating and display boards.

Yard and Car Park - This product group contains products and equipment to help maintain and make best use of car park and yard areas. Our selection of winter preparation equipment includes a range of grit bins, salt bins and de-icing salt to keep your business running during the winter months. We also offer a number of products for the car park such as safety mirrors and parking posts.

We hope you will be able to find everything you need, however if you do need any assistance or more information on any of our products we are always on-hand to assist. Call us on 01933 224392 or email [email protected].