Yard & Car Park

Tidy up and organise your cluttered yard or car park with a selection of outdoor products. Our range of robust Outdoor Storage Solutions provide a secure and weather resistant storage solution. We offer a range of Speed Bumps, Traffic Parking Posts and Yard Mirrors to help maintain safety within your yard or car park.

With winter never too far away, our variety of Grit Bins and Winter Preparation Equipment will make sure that your business keeps running smoothly throughout the cold wintery months.

Snow and ice can bring any car park or yard to a stand-still, which can prove be detrimental to any business. Our Winter Preparation Equipment will help you cope with the harsh winter weather. Choose from a variety of equipment designed especially for outdoor use, manufactured to high standards and built to resist the harsh weather conditions.

Grit Bins & Salt Bins

Here at G-Force we are proud of our SuperTuff Grit Bins. Built to last, these grit bins offer a secure, robust and stylish container for the storage of grit and salt. Constructed completely from a hard wearing plastic our grit bins are entirely weather proof and will not rust or corrode. A pad-lockable watertight lid provides security and helps to protect the salt and grit contained from spoiling.

Also available are our Grit Bin Kits, supplying you with all the essential tools you require to keep your yard or car park safe and free from ice and snow, all at an affordable combined price.

Grit & Salt

Outstanding value for money, our range of Grit and Salt bags will help you prepare for the winter months at an affordable cost. Choose from either brown rock salt or white salt, available in a variety of quantities.

Salt & Grit Spreaders

Effective and easy to use, G-Force Europe offers a range of rock spreaders designed to make light work of distributing salt and grit in car parks, yards and on footpaths. Our rock salt spreaders are available in a number of different sizes with the option of different tyre types, adjustable handles and distribution regulators. We also offer salt spreaders that are convenient and easy to use.

Snow Pushers & Ploughs

Clear unwanted snow quickly and efficiently. Ideal for use on driveways and footpaths our variety of Snow Pushers and Ploughs are constructed from a robust powder coated steel. Available options include manual pushers with tall handles, which allow the user to remain in an upright position, or heavy duty ploughs that are compatible with a fork lift truck, great for use in areas that endure heavy snow fall.

Manufactured from a fluorescent polypropylene plastic our selection of plastic snow shovels and Salt Scoops are perfect for both industrial and domestic use. Lightweight yet amazingly robust these scoops and shovels are almost unbreakable, proving to be effective tools for the clearing of snow and the dispensing of salt and grit.

Outdoor Storage Boxes

Providing a practical and weather resistant storage solution, our range of Outdoor Storage Bins is available in a selection of colours and sizes. Manufactured solely from a hard wearing durable plastic these bins will neither rust nor corrode and include a lockable watertight lid, ensuring safe and secure containment of its contents.

Their stackable design helps to reduce wasted space when the bins are not in use and they also incorporate a set of convenient fork pockets, designed for easy manoeuvring and positioning on fork lift trucks.

Parking Posts

Traffic and Parking posts designed for use in car parks provide ideal guidance for traffic or suitable warning for any incoming hazards. Our folding parking posts are supplied in a variety of sizes and due to their durable and flexible construction, can recover after being hit or run over.

Perfect for use in both industrial and commercial car parks, choose from a range of sleek and stylish parking posts, supplied with lockable parking posts.

Speed Bumps & Wheel Ramps

Speed Bumps and Wheel Ramps designed to slow traffic within busy carparks and driveways. Rubber speed bumps are available in a selection of several sizes, intended to slow vehicles down to different speeds and available in either a complete kit or as individual components.

Corner Protection Guards

Prevent damage caused by accidents within busy multi-story and underground car parks with our range of foam or rubber Corner Protection Guards. Easily fitted to a post or can be used as corner protection for walls, these guards help to reduce impact damage to both the car parks foundations and the vehicle itself.

Road Mirrors & Traffic Mirrors

Perfect for a host of environments you are bound to find a mirror to suit your requirements. Our range of Road Mirrors are designed to assist drivers of vehicles and operators of heavy machinery by allowing them to see around bends and corners, reducing the risk of accidents caused by blind spots.

Mirrors are available in a range of sizes and styles and manufactured from robust materials to help withstand the weather.

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