Steps & Ladders

With health and safety legislation becoming ever more pertinent within the workplace there has never been such a requirement to provide a safe working environment. Safely accessing hard to reach areas is a requirement of any type of organisation from schools to factories, our range of safety steps, step stools, ladders and dock steps can help you provide the essential equipment required to do so.

Kick Step Stool

Catering for a vast range of environments and applications our range of step stools and kick steps are an ideal solution to offering a safe and stable platform for those “just out of reach” areas.

Our range of kick step stools are commonly used in stock picking or shelf stacking applications and are manufactured from durable impact resistant materials allowing them to be kicked along by the user. The steel kick steps are mounted of three retractable castors that disengage under the weight of the user, creating a highly mobile yet stable platform.

Stability is always a concern when working above your natural reach, to which end our fixed steel steps offer just the answer. Fully welded with either a powder coated or galvanised steel finish, our fort stable steps are designed for challenging environments where a less heavy duty unit would be insufficient.

Alternatively we offer a number of foldable step stools in a range of styles, a number of which are available with tool trays. These versatile units offer a compact and highly mobile solution to the vast general maintenance jobs found in any environment.

Aluminium Step Ladders

Aluminium step ladders offer a lightweight solution to working at great heights. Our range of industrial, swing back and platform ladders provide secure and stable platforms from which to work from. They are also available in a range of different sizes and styles.

Ideal for use in factory or warehouse environments the Aluminium step ladders offer ample safety and stability with their added hand rails. Manufactured to industrial standards to meet the demands of a busy workplace, these steps are delivered complete at lower levels, and in flat pack in larger sizes, all with rear wheels to aid in manoeuvrability.

Our Aluminium Industrial ladder range, including both Swing Back and Platform styles are certified to BS2037 class 1. With secure anti-slip treads, their hard wearing industrial composition offers ladders that are more than capable of surviving heavy duty industrial uses.

FibreGlass Step Ladders

Ideally suited to being used in industrial environments the robust nature of our FibreGlass step ladders provide a sturdy product that is built to last. Manufactured to high standards and available in a range of different sizes these ladders are available in both swing back and platform designs. Their fibre glass construction makes them the exemplary choice for use when working with or around electricity, as they are non-conductive up to 30,000 volts.

Telescopic and Extension Ladders

Solid aluminium box section construction complete with slip-resistant D-shaped rungs contribute to the strength and rigidity of our Double and Triple Extension Ladders. Available in sizes of twelve to twenty eight and eighteen to forty two for the triple extension, this range of ladders present a structurally stable platform for working at extreme heights.

Alternatively to the extension ladders we also offer a Telescopic step ladder, available in a range of sizes. These ladders are standard stock in locations where working at a height is required however storage space is at a minimum. Their ability to fold right down to a compact size and their lightweight aluminium composition makes them both easy to handle and to transport.

Mobile Safety Steps

Conforming to British and European EN14183 standards our mobile safety steps propose the ideal solution for accessing trucks, loading bays or any raised platform. Their open rear allows for the user to step through onto an adjacent platform.

Supplied in either a powder coated or galvanised steel finish these robust mobile safety steps are manufactured to approved, recognised GS standards. Complete with expanded steel perforated treads and available in a range of sizes to suit the application, they provide a safe and stable platform from which to operate from.

Safety Step Ladders

Where safety and stability are a prominent factor with regards to the use of steps, look no further than our range of safety step ladders. Robustly constructed to a high standard in the UK, these steps are the ideal solution for a host of environments. Wheel along Step Units complete with anti-slips threads and a simple tilt and move design offer an efficient and easily manoeuvrable unit that is not only available in a range of sizes and colours but also supplied complete and ready to use.

Our single or double sided steel mobile safety steps are fitted with built in spring loaded castors that dis-engage when weight is applied to the steps. The safety step ladders design incorporates a continuous guard rail that extends down the stairway, thus providing a safe and stable platform.

Steel mesh or rubber treads are both available for our Spring Loaded Step Unit range, both of which conform to the recognised European GS standard EN131. Commonly used in warehouses, these steps are available in a range of sizes and include an integrated spring loaded system that prevents the unit from moving once pressure is applied to the step.

Our of StepTek Step Units combine the functionality of the spring loaded steps with the stability and manoeuvrability of the classic safety step. Designed to conform to BS EN 131-7 and constructed from robust welded steel these units are hand built here in the UK to ensure safety and reliability. They incorporate a hand operated anchor to prevent the unit from moving and provide a safe working platform at the summit with a continuous hand rail.

Anti Slip Floor Tiles

Commonly placed in wet areas such as swimming pool changing rooms and even in canteens, our range of cost effective non slip floor tiles and matting provide a comfortable and safe solution. Available in a range of colours and with a number of different materials to choose from you will find the appropriate solution to suit your needs.

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