Rock Salt - Brown

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Bagged Brown Rock Salt. Effective means to prevent the build-up of ice on footpaths and in car parks.

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Product Name Rock Salt - Brown
Features Brown rock salt is a blend of salt and grit; Melts ice quickly and provides additional grip; Slightly cheaper than white salt; Brown salt is widely used for car parks and footpaths
Colour Brown

Make sure that you are prepared for the icy winter weather with our bagged brown rock salt. Ideal for use on public pathways and in car parks the combination of brown rock salt and grit not only helps to prevent and melt ice but it also provides additional grip, preventing accidents. Commonly used for industrial means brown rock salt melts ice quickly and is a cheaper alternative to white salt but just as efficient. We supply brown rock in numerous bulk quantities offering fantastic discounts saving you money. Make sure that you are ready for the cold weather and stock up now!

Why buy Bagged Brown Rock Salt?

  • Additional grip qualities – Our bagged brown rock salt is a combination of rock salt and grit. This not only helps to prevent ice from forming and melt it fast but it also adds additional grip.

  • Huge savings – There are big savings to be made when purchasing brown rock salt. Not only is it cheaper than white salt but it is available in bulk.

  • Ideal for industrial and personal use – Brown rock salt is commonly used for grit footpaths and car parking areas due to its additional gripping qualities. Be ready for the cold, fill up your grit bins now!
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