Rock Salt - White

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Bagged White Salt. Perfect for use on car parks and footpaths our bagged white salt is supplied dry and free flowing. Available in bulk amounts offering further savings!

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Product Name Rock Salt - White
Features Harvested from sustainable sources; Certified to BS3247:1991 quality standard; White salt is clean, avoiding the mess caused by brown grit; Supplied dry and free flowing, ideal for use in spreaders
Colour White.

Stock up your grit bins and load up your spreaders ready for the cold winter weather ahead. Our bagged white salt is certified to BS3247:1991 standards ensuring maximum quality and it is all harvested from sustainable sources, helping to care for the environment. Free flowing white salt is perfect for salting applications in the prevention of ice and snow build up. Ideal for footpaths, driveways and car parks, whether for industrial and domestic requirements our bagged white salt offers a clean and efficient solution. Unlike brown rock salt or grit, white salt helps to prevent the build-up of icy areas without causing any mess.

Why buy Bagged White Salt?

  • No mess – White salt is an effective means to preventing ice from building up on outside surfaces. It is clean and avoids the residual mess that is left by brown rock salt and grit.

  • Ideal for use in spreaders – Our free flowing white salt is perfect for use in salt spreaders, allowing you to quickly and efficiently distribute salt over a large area.

  • Available in bulk quantities – Our bagged white salt is available in bulk amounts saving you money whilst helping you prepare for winter. Choose from a selection of different quantities and see how much we can save you now.
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