Wheeled dollies, plastic dollies and steel dollies, but which type of dolly comes up trumps?

Here at G-force we supply a range of plastic dollies along with some galvanised and stainless steel dollies too. The question is, which dolly is the best one for your application? Well this blog is hopefully going to answer all of your questions. So to begin with, what plastic dollies do we have to offer?


The RM91DY is a good plastic dolly to start with. Manufactured in our own UK factory these plastic dollies are heavy duty. Proven to be long lasting, once purchased they never seem to need replacing! These plastic dollies are rotationally moulded and this slow moulding process ensures that once it’s done cooking, the plastic is nigh unbreakable. The RM91D plastic dolly is designed to suit a range of euro sized stacking containers, or euro stackers. It is smooth and seamless, thanks to being produced from a single one-piece mould, which makes it incredibly easy to clean. These plastic dollies are well suited to industrial environments such as production facilities, factories and warehouses.

Next up we have the RM90D plastic dollies. These beauties have been designed to securely hold stacks of stack/nest trays and baskets, just like our SN190 baskets. Highly manoeuvrable these plastic dollies allow you to effortlessly move large stacks of stack and nest containers about the workplace. Just like the RM91DY plastic dollies these ones are also produced using a food grade polyethylene plastic, so they are perfect for factories and warehouses where there is the possibility of coming into contact with foods and produce.

Confectionary tray plastic dollies like our RM35DY are perfect for industrial kitchens and bakeries. These plastic dollies can be supplied in a huge variety of colours so that you can monitor product segregation and keep cross contamination to a minimum. Consisting of a seamless one piece moulding the RM35DY plastic dollies are fantastic for hygiene sensitive areas as they are unbelievably easy to clean.


G-Force Euope.com manufacture a range of stackable storage bins that all inter work with each other. This range of stacking bins just would not be complete without a plastic dolly that can be used to ferry stacks of them about now would it? The RMSBD plastic dollies are designed specifically for our stacking bins AC01, AC02, AC03 and AC04. These stacking bins and plastic dollies are perfect for storing food ingredients but you can use them for a plethora of different applications, providing an easily manoeuvred storage and handling solution.

Alongside the RMSBD is our double stacking bin plastic dolly! That’s right, the RMSBDD is designed to hold up to two stacks of stacking bins and is comprised of two plastic dolly inserts and a stainless steel dolly frame with handle.

We also have a selection of double plastic dollies that match the attributes of the plastic dollies we spoke about earlier. The RM52DY and the amazing RM54DY. The RM52DY is a solid deck double plastic dolly designed to hold up to 2 stacks of 600 x 400mm euro stacking containers, just like the RM91DY holds 1 stack. These double plastic dollies are incredibly strong and durable. The RM54DY is slightly different, this plastic dolly is our newest addition and we are extremely proud of it. These plastic dollies are heavy duty, designed to be used throughout any and every industrial environment, helping to securely hold and transport two stacks of a variety of different containers, trays and boxes. The RM54DY incorporates an in-step feature in its design that allows it to hold stack/nest baskets and trays as well as euro stacking trays and containers alike, securely.

We don’t just focus on plastic dollies however, we have a range of powder coated dollies, stainless steel dollies and galvanised steel dollies to offer also. Our RM5D steel dollies can be supplied in a huge range of different sizes to suit a host of plastic tapered bins. These steel dollies are supplied with a powder coated finish and are well suited for use in demanding factories and warehouses.

Beyond that we can also supply stainless steel dollies and galvanised steel dollies in bespoke sizes. So if you have a load of stack/nest trays or euro stackers that don’t quite fit any of the plastic dollies or steel dollies you’ve tried, make sure you contact us and challenge us to meet your requirements!