For many modern organisations, reducing their carbon footprint has become an important goal, with external and internal pressures to act responsibly when it comes to waste management. Proper separation of waste streams ensures that wastage produced during normal business activity, including the manufacturing and production process, is recycled in the right manner.

The big picture is that if waste is disposed of through proper channels using our waste & recyling bins then a company’s carbon footprint can be reduced, which in a small way helps to contribute towards tackling global warming. However there are other worthwhile benefits to companies that implement successful recycling procedures. 


Benefits of Recycling

  • Great for the environment – The bigger picture is simple, the more waste that is segregated and recycled, reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Cutting down the amount of waste going to landfill helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses being released at landfill. Whilst at the same time the material that is recycled reduces the need for more material to be produced. For example recycling paper reduces the need for trees or forests to be cut down as existing paper can be reused.   
  • Lower waste collection contracts – Waste collection is not included in business rates and is therefore a cost faced by all businesses. Segregating waste internally can help reduce waste collection charges, as waste is pre-sorted when picked up by your waste collection company. This makes it easier for your waste handling company to deal with the waste they collect andtwin office recycling bins make best use of it.   
  • Possible revenue from certain waste streams – Some of your unwanted material may have a value as a recyclable material, such as scrap plastic or metal left over in a manufacturing process. Whilst the value may be nominal, some waste management companies may be able to offer free collections or even offer payments for certain segregated waste streams. 
  • Promote a positive image – A clear recycling policy helps to show staff and visitors to your site that your company has a responsible attitude towards waste, which in turn helps to promote a positive image for the company as a whole.  For example if a visitor to your site sees clearly marked recycling bins in use, they immediately know that measures are in place to deal with waste in a responsible manner. The twin top recycling bin is the best option as it clearly labels glass and plastic.

Our top 4 Office Recycling Tips

          1. Focusing on consumption of paper

Most of the wastage that is collected from offices is in the form of paper. The first and most effective way of decreasing paper waste is to decrease the consumption of paper. Firstly, you can start by setting each and every paper in your office to double-sided printing mode. It is a fact that around 30% of the printing jobs that are sent to a printer are never executed or collected. Hence, they become waste. Using innovations and programmes such as “follow me printing” can help reduce the amount of paper wasted through abandoned print jobs.  

          2. Expansion of recycling system

If you have tried reduction and reuse methods in order to decrease the consumption of paper, then you might as well start recycling process. Usually, it is strongly advised to start with paper and recycling of cards since major part of the waste generated in any office is in the form of papers and cards. Gradually, you can move on to other forms of recycling systems such as glass, fluorescent light bulbs, toners, batteries, plastics, CDs, toners, furniture, food waste, IT equipment, etc.

         3. Clear labelled recycling bins

It is true that lots of offices use proper recycling methods, but one factor that most of them miss out is the location where wastage is accumulated. The recycling provision should be evidently present for everyone to see and bins should always be categorized according to the type of waste that will be stored in them by way of colour coding and clear labelling. You can have separate bins for all types of wastes, which can all be put together in an easily accessible place to ensure that all the waste generated from a particular area is accumulated at one designated point.

          4. Recycling awareness day for all organisations

An organisation could have one special day when they can create awareness of recycling amongst the employees and highlight values. There can be infographics related to efficient recycling methods and certain norms should be established which ensures that wastage is disposed in a systematic manner.

There are many recycling companies that have been set up to collect and process all types of industrial waste. Whether it is an organisation looking to recycle garbage or a school looking to do its bit for the planet and get their students recycling from an early age, there are lots of solutions available and reasons why it should be taken seriously. Check out our wide range of recycling bins and begin recycling today!