The recipe for success whipped up with the help of our ingredient bins range. How can this versatile ingredient storage equipment help you?

Commonly used throughout the food manufacturing and food processing industry our RM15TR food grade plastic ingredient dispensers are well designed for use in applications involving food contact. They’re so easy to clean and offer premium ingredient storage on wheels. The larger sizes including the RM20TR and the RM35TR are both just as well equipped for repetitive use within demanding industrial environments such as factories, warehouses and production facilities, but they can also be used for so much more than just ingredient bins and tubs.


In short, the range of ingredient dispense equipment that we produce is perfect for its intended purpose, ingredient storage, but what if you replaced those ingredients with components? Instead of them being ingredient dispensers they became your very own dispensers of components and parts. The RM15TR, RM20TR and the RM35TR are all ideal mobile storage solutions for under table, or under work bench storage and then the RM8ID, RM15ID and RM40ID table top ingredient dispensers are ideal for use on top of your work station. These table top ingredient bins and tubs provide great ways to have easily accessible components, parts or ingredients to hand at all times.

So how do they work? Let’s start with the mobile ingredient bins. Manufactured using a rotational moulding process the plastic tank itself is produced using food grade plastic. The slow moulding process ensures that the plastic is incredibly strong and durable, more than capable of standing up to the rigors of industrial applications. Made using a single one-piece mould the ingredient dispensers are watertight and seamless. This not only makes them extremely hygienic pieces of ingredient dispense equipment but makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain, an attribute that carries weight across a number of different industries.

Each of the RM15TR, RM20TR and RM35TR are supplied complete with four hard wearing castors to help them be manoeuvred about the bust factory or shop floor with ease. They also come with a polyethylene plastic lid and a clear plastic flap. These clear plastic flaps allow the ingredient bins and tubs to be quickly and easily accessed, so you can fill them up with ingredients or nuts and bolts just as easily as you can dispense the contents from them!

Our range of table top ingredient dispensers include the following sizes:

  • RM8ID – 8 litre table top ingredient dispenser

  • RM15ID – 15 litre ingredient bins perfect for table top applications

  • RM40ID – 40 litre capacity ingredient storage bins allowing you to rotate ingredients

All of the table top ingredient bins and tubs successfully provide a means for storing ingredients, components and parts whilst also making dispense of their contents a piece of cake. Also note that our entire range of ingredient dispensers are all available in a huge variety of different colours, allowing you to adhere to colour coding or simply stick to the company colour scheme.

The selection of ingredient bins and tub just wouldn’t be complete with a range of stackable storage bins. Ranging in sizes from the AC01 18 litre ingredient bins up to the 73 litre capacity AC04stackable storage bins we have a multitude of options to choose from. These nigh unbreakable plastic ingredient bins and tubs offer long lasting and reliable storage solutions. All four sizes have the exact same 425mm diameter so they can all inter-stack with one another. The AC02 will fit on top of the AC03 and the AC04 can be stacked on top of the AC01 and so on, you get the picture. All these stackable storage bins can be supplied with matching plastic lids and compatible plastic dollies. The RMSBD is a plastic dolly that allows you to ferry around large stacks of these ingredient bins about the workplace effortlessly.

So to summarise. Although the ingredient bins and tubs make for exemplary ingredient storage and ingredient dispensers their capability and versatility is almost limitless. Try them out for yourselves.