GForce exhibits the SuperTuff plastic locker at the Academies Show. Were you there?

 plastic lockers

The SuperTuff plastic locker, in a league of its own when it comes to plastic storage lockers, enjoyed a fabulous reception at this year’s Academies Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Exhibiting all three sizes of the lockers, the response from all of the visitors to the stand was amazing. Read on to find out what all the fuss was about.

What do all schools need from their lockers? The answer is nice and simple. They want a cost effective solution that will last. One that will not dent and break like the commonly used steel alternative, can be easily cleaned and maintained and most importantly, one that the can be coloured to meet the school colour scheme (they actually said this, a lot!).

  large plastic locker

lock sloping top 

Our plastic lockers are not only stylish and available in a plethora of different colours, but they are most importantly incredibly durable and dependable. Separating them from the crowd of storage lockers on the market at present, the SuperTuff version is manufactured here in the UK. They are produced using rotational moulding to ensure that the plastic is strong, strong enough to be dropped off of a building and survive. Unlike some of its competition this process of manufacture helps to ensure that the range stays in amazing condition, even in the most demanding of environments.

The show allowed us to show off the plastic lockers strengths. The main features that provided the best response were as follows (stick with us, this is the good part!).

  • Tough and durable plastic, almost unbreakable, providing a long lasting product.

  • Multitude of lock options, the swivel catch lock in particular winning favour with primary schools (no keys required!)

  • Ideal sports locker - Top and bottom vents allowing smells to escape (stinky PE kit is apparently a big issue)

  • Sleek and attractive design that will suit any school.

  • Waterproof construction proving to serve as excellent outdoor lockers


Proving to be incredibly robust, one head teacher (whom we’ll leave un-named) even gave the lockers a swift kick to test their metal! Safe to say the plastic locker came off better than their foot! Demonstrating its reliability and strength. Excluding sore toes, the feedback from the show was all positive and no doubt many hall ways will be lined with our plastic school lockers in the near future.

Not to take the subject of schooling too far, but in conclusion the SuperTuff plastic locker does tick all of the right boxes and would surely pass any test. To further emphasise its amazing attributes we even went that extra mile and had the locker tested and certified to BS EN 16121-1:2013 for safety, strength, durability and stability.

We always welcome feedback, so feel free to give us a call today.