Stainless Chassis & Plastic Tank - 135 Litre - RM30CTSS

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Stainless Chassis & Plastic Tank - RM30CTSS.

The RM30CTSS stainless chassis and plastic tank has a volume capacity of 135 litres and a load capacity of 250kg. The RM30CTSS is a stainless steel, mobile, chassis trolley complete with a tapered, plastic tank. This product is well designed for demanding, industrial materials handling and storage applications and can be used across a range of industries.

The large plastic tank is manufactured using rotational moulding and consists of a food grade polyethylene, single, one-piece moulding that is seamless, watertight and hygienic. The chassis truck is produced using stainless steel and is easy to handle. If handling liquids, this product can be fitted with a drainage tap to assist with emptying and an optional plastic lid is also available.

The RM30CTSS incorporates the RM30T large plastic tank which can be produced in a standard colour range of blue, red, green, yellow, white. Additional colours available to order include orange, purple, black, brown, grey, pink, dark yellow and light green. To view the full range of chassis container trucks click here.

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More Information
Product Name Stainless Chassis & Plastic Tank - 135 Litre - RM30CTSS
External Dimensions 800 x 540 x 700mm (L x W x H)
Features Heavy duty, food grade, tapered, plastic tank housed in a mobile, stainless steel chassis frame. Ideal for handling heavy loads, the RM30CTSS includes a seamless, watertight, incredibly hygienic, large plastic tank. Stainless chassis frame is highly manoeuvrable. Plastic tank available in a wide range of colours. Optional drop-on plastic lid also available.
Volume Capacity 135 Litres / 30 Gallons
Weight Capacity 250KG

Impeccably well-crafted mobile stainless steel chassis frames designed to hold our incredibly durable polyethylene plastic tanks. Incredibly easy to clean and maintain and with the advantage of being rust and corrosion resistant, the stainless steel frame offers a long lasting solution for mobile storage and handling applications. This 135 litre capacity chassis container truck is designed to provide a solution for easily manoeuvring larger heavier loads about the workplace. Suitable for use in industrial environments such as warehouses and factories, the tough and durable composition of the stainless steel chassis truck enables it to cope with the rigors of being used repeatedly for demanding applications.

The incorporated plastic tank is seamless and consists of a single mould, ensuring an easily cleaned and watertight receptacle. The plastic itself is of a food grade polyethylene, which makes these stainless steel chassis trucks, an exemplary solution within potentially high risk environments such as food factories and hospitals.

Why buy Stainless Steel Chassis Truck – 135 Litre?

  • Impeccable quality – The stainless steel chassis truck is guaranteed to provide a long lasting solution for heavy duty storage and handling applications. The frame is easily cleaned and maintained and will not rust or corrode.
  • Food grade plastic tank – The stainless steel frame is designed to incorporate a 135 litre capacity plastic tank manufactured using food grade polyethylene. These highly durable and rugged containers are seamless and watertight, available in a range of colours and can be supplied with or without a lid.
  • Ideal for heavy duty applications – Perfect for movement of heavy products and liquids the 135 litre stainless steel chassis truck can hold up to 250kg and is easily manoeuvred.
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