Plastic Tank - 135 Litre - RM30T

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The RM30T large plastic tank has a volume capacity of 135 litres. The RM30T is a heavy duty, plastic tank that is well suited for use within demanding industrial environments. This product has a tapered design that allows it to be stacked and nested, helping to save on a large amount of space when it is not in use. To assist with covering and protecting its contents, an optional plastic drop-on lid is available.

The RM30T is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and produced using a rotational moulding process. This production process provides a product that is seamless, smooth and watertight. Its one-piece moulded construction allows the large plastic tank to be easily cleaned. 

The RM30T is produced in a standard colour range of blueredgreen, yellow and white (natural). Additional colours available to order include orangepurplebrown and grey. We can also supply a black version of this product made from recycled material which can be found by clicking here.

This large plastic tank is compatible with the RM30CTSS stainless steel chassis truck.

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More Information
Product Name Plastic Tank - 135 Litre - RM30T
Features The RM30T is a heavy duty, food grade, plastic tank ideal for storage and handling applications. The seamless, smooth and watertight construction of the plastic tank enables it to be easily cleaned. The plastic tank is available in a wide range of colours. Optional drop-on plastic lid and mobile chassis frame available.
Volume Capacity 135 Litres / 30 Gallons

Heavy duty plastic tanks designed to be suitable for a variety of storage applications throughout a number of different industries including food manufacturing, hospitals, schools, kitchens, leisure, warehouses, factories and agriculture. Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard from a food grade polyethylene plastic material, these plastic tanks are robust and hardwearing. Designed to be durable and long lasting the large plastic tanks are rotationally moulded using a single one-piece mould to ensure that they are smooth, seamless and watertight containers, ideal for a plethora of applications.

The smooth, seamless and watertight attributes of the plastic storage tanks makes them easy to clean and require very little maintenance. This combined with their non-corrosive constitution makes them the perfect solution for use within hygiene sensitive environments. The plastic tanks are available in a range of sizes and colours to meet your requirements and also with or without a plastic drop-on lid. The lid is produced from the same food grade plastic as the tanks and proves to be a great means to protecting and covering the plastic tanks contents.

Why buy Plastic Tanks – 135 Litre?

  • Smooth, seamless construction – The plastic tanks are produced from a single mould ensuring that they are smooth, seamless and watertight. This helps to make them incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

  • Ideal for application – Commonly used throughout a number of industries these large plastic tanks are perfect for almost any industrial environment.

  • Built to last – The heavy duty polyethylene plastic construction of these plastic tanks enables them to withstand the rigors of everyday use within a demanding environment and provide a long service life.

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