Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Four Sided

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Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Four Sided. A super jumbo roll container with three sides and a drop down gate, allowing quick and efficient access to goods contained, an ideal storage solution for large quantities of items.

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Product Name Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Four Sided
External Dimensions 2000 x 800 x 1820mm (L x W x H)
Features Cages are easy to erect and dismantle; Strong reinforced design; Choice of sizes and number of side panels; High quality bright electro zinc plating; Complete with drop down gate
Weight Capacity 500kg.

As our largest roll container the four sided demountable super jumbo roll container provides an ideal storage and handling solution for large amounts of goods. The roll cage offers high visibility and accessibility of its contents. This jumbo roll container has three sides and a drop down gate, allowing the higher level items to be accessed without the risk of the lower items falling out of the container. This also makes loading the roll container quick and easy. Its ability to provide high visibility of the contents allows for efficient stock and quality checks to be carried out.

Perfect for retail and commercial applications the jumbo roll container provides a secure and versatile solution for storing and transporting large bulky items. Constructed using strong and durable steel, built to a reinforced design these roll containers are hard wearing and able to withstand the strains of a demanding environment. They steel is finished with a high quality bright electro zinc plating to help protect the metal work and prolong the roll containers usability.

Why buy Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Four Sided?

  • Easy to handle – These demountable roll containers offer a solution that is highly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. The drop down gate also makes them highly accessible for loading and unloading.

  • Quick and easy to dismantle – The four sided jumbo roll container is demountable, allowing it to be erected and dismantled quickly and efficiently, saving huge amounts of storage space when not in use.

  • High quality electro zinc plating – The robust steel used to produce these demountable roll containers is finished with a bright electro zinc plating which helps to protect the product during use and storage in busy environments.

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