Nestable Roll Container – Jumbo

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Nestable Roll Container – Jumbo. A jumbo sized nestable roll container with four sides, offering a large storage solution that is both mobile and secure. These roll containers are able to nest when not in use.

More Information
Product Name Nestable Roll Container – Jumbo
External Dimensions 1120 x 765 x 1770mm (L x W x H)
Features Fold away and nest for easy storage; Strong reinforced design; Clear view of products being stored; Commonly used in retailing and warehouse applications;
Weight Capacity 600kg.

Providing a mobile storage solution for a large amount of goods, the four sided jumbo nestable roll container is ideal for use in a multitude of applications. This roll container has four sides which provide great visibility of the goods loaded on the container. This proves to save a lot of time when the roll containers goods are being checked or inspected. The roll container is manufactured from strong steel and then finished with a zinc plated coating. The jumbo roll container has a reinforced design which makes it well suited for transport and distribution applications as the containers can be re-used time and time again.

These jumbo nestable roll containers are commonly used for retail and warehouse applications, made popular due to their excellent space savings qualities. The roll containers have the ability to be folded down and nested within one another, saving ample amounts of space within a warehouse or during transit. 

Why buy Nestable Roll Container – Jumbo?

  • Range of sizes – Here at G-Force we supply a range of nestable roll containers, all with different numbers of sides and in different sizes, aiming to supply you with the most appropriate to suit your requirements.

  • Buy in bulk – These jumbo four sided nestable roll containers are available for purchase in large bulk quantities. Give us a call today to receive a quotation and see how much you can save.

  • Jumbo sized – The jumbo roll container offers a large amount of storage space without taking up any unnecessary space. When not in use these roll containers easily fold down and nest together helping you make the most of your available space.

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