Tapered Bin - 23 Litre - RM5B

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Tapered Bin - RM5B.

The RM5B tapered bin has a volume capacity of 23 litres. The RM5B is a moulded, tapered bin that is well designed for heavy duty, industrial storage and materials handling applications and is used throughout many industries. It is also able to stack and nest, nesting up to 80% of its overall height.

The RM5B is produced using a rotational moulding process and is made from food grade polyethylene. The stress-free moulding process ensures a single, one-piece moulding which is seamless, watertight and hygienic. This product can be supplied with an optional drop-on lid if required and is compatible with the RM5D steel dolly. 

The RM5B can be produced in a standard colour range of blueredgreen, yellow and white. Additional colours available to order include orangepurpleblackbrown, grey, dark yellow and light greenTo see our complete range of tapered moulded tubs, click here.

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More Information
Product Name Tapered Bin - 23 Litre - RM5B
External Dimensions 385 x 420mm (D x H)
Features A heavy duty, food grade, moulded, plastic, tapered bin designed for industrial use. The RM5B has a volume capacity of 23 litres. Tapered moulded tubs stack and nest to help save on storage space. Drop-on plastic lid is available. Tapered tub can be produced in a wide range of colours. Suitable for food and ingredient storage and handling applications.
Volume Capacity 23 Litres / 5 Gallons
Dolly Code(s) RM5D

Tough and durable heavy duty tapered bins produced from a hardwearing food grade plastic material. Commonly used throughout the food manufacturing industry these tapered bins are often used as bulk ingredient storage bins. They are comprised of a single seamless mould that enables them to be easily cleaned and maintained, proving to be a very hygienic solution. The plastic material will not corrode or rust and is more than capable of withstanding the rigors often associated with high trafficked, demanding industrial environments.

The tapered bins are available in a wide selection of sizes with or without optional lids to provide cover for the bins contents. They are also available in a huge variety of colours, enabling colour coded systems to be implemented, particularly popular within the food manufacturing industry. As part of our tapered bins range we also offer a steel dolly to suit, allowing you to mobilise the tapered bins so that they can be manoeuvred easily and efficiently.

Why buy Tapered Bins - 23 Litre?

  • Heavy duty construction – These tapered bins are produced from a hardwearing and durable food grade plastic that proves to be long lasting, even for the most demanding applications. The tapered bins are produced using a single one-piece mould, so they are seamless and structurally sound.

  • Corresponding lids and dollies – The tapered bins range includes a tough and durable drop-on lid to suit all of the containers. These lids are available in a range of colours and provide excellent cover for the bins contents. We also supply a steel dolly designed to house the tapered bins, making manoeuvring the bins a simple and easily process.

  • Suitable for hygienic applications – The tapered bin is produced from a food grade plastic that will not corrode. The seamless design is easily cleaned and maintained, proving to be a hygienic solution.

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