Plastic Mobile Container Truck - 135 Litre - RM30TRREC

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Recycled Plastic Truck - RM30TRREC.

The RM30TRREC recycled plastic truck has a volume capacity of 135 litres and a weight capacity of 120kg. The RM30TRREC is a heavy duty, tapered, plastic truck that is ideal for many industrial storage and materials handling applications. An optional drop-on plastic lid and plastic handle are available for this product if required.

The RM30TRREC is manufactured via a rotational moulding process from a recycled polyethylene material. Consisting of a single, one-piece moulding the plastic truck is seamless, smooth and watertight. The product is supplied as standard with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels.

The RM30TRREC can be produced in a black recycled material. To see the full range of recycled plastic trucks, click here.

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More Information
Product Name Plastic Mobile Container Truck - 135 Litre - RM30TRREC
External Dimensions 620 x 530 x 705mm (L x W x H)
Features A heavy duty, plastic container truck produced from a single one-piece mould to ensure a seamless, smooth and watertight plastic truck that is incredibly strong and durable. Easily cleaned, the RM30TRREC is manufactured from a recycled polyethylene and is available with a plastic drop-on lid and heavy duty plastic handle. Alternative colours are available for recycled plastic trucks.
Volume Capacity 135 Litres / 30 Gallons
Weight Capacity 120kg

Used throughout a number of different industries including retail, leisure, warehousing and production, our range of recycled plastic mobile containers prove to be an exemplary solution for a vast number of storage and handling applications. The polyethylene plastic container is moulded using a single one-piece mould, providing a seamless and water-tight product.

Despite being manufactured using a recycled material the structural integrity and the quality of the mobile container trucks remains at a very high standard. These recycled 135 litre capacity mobile containers offer a fantastic saving as well as a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Why buy Eco Plastic Truck - 135 Litre?

  • Optional plastic lid – Available in a large range of sizes, the recycled mobile containers can also be supplied with optional lids and handles, helping to protect the contents of the container and also improve manoeuvrability.
  • Passing on the savings – The recycled polyethylene plastic is produced via a re-grinding process using waste plastic material, helping to not only produce high quality products but also make them even more cost-effective.
  • Same high quality – Manufactured here in the UK the recycled material does not impact the integrity of the product. Structurally robust and durable, these hard-wearing mobile container trucks offer an exemplary solution for a plethora of applications.
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