Plastic Kick Step Stool

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Plastic Kick Step Stool. Classically designed, rugged and hardwearing plastic kick step stool that is ideal for a number of applications in different industries including retail, offices and distribution.

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Product Name Plastic Kick Step Stool
External Dimensions 430 x 420mm (D x H)
Features Manufactured in durable plastic; Light weight and easy to move; Complete with three spring loaded castors;
Colour Grey.

Commonly used throughout the retail industry, on shop floors and within store rooms and warehouses, the classic design of the plastic kick step stool offers a well-constructed platform to work from. Often used during tasks such as stock picking and counting the plastic kick step stool has to endure a demanding lifestyle, often being shuffled or kicked along the floor to a position where it is required. Thankfully the robust plastic material that these kick step stools are manufactured from is more than capable of withstanding such rigors on a regular basis.

Some exemplary aspects of the plastic kick step stool are its manoeuvrability and stability. The kick step stool incorporates a set of three retractable, spring loaded castors that enable it to be moved around easily and efficiently. These castors also help the plastic kick step stool to provide a safe and secure platform to work from. Once pressured is applied to the step the castors retract, preventing the step from being able to move whilst the operator is standing on it.

Why buy Plastic Kick Step Stool?

  • Long lasting – The plastic kick step stool is well designed to be used within a number of different environments. The plastic material is hardwearing and strong and will also not rust or corrode.

  • Lightweight design – Easily manoeuvred the plastic kick step stool can be moved around the floor effortlessly due to its lightweight plastic construction and its highly manoeuvrable castors.

  • Safe and stable platform – The plastic kick step stool incorporates three spring loaded castors that retract when pressure is applied to the step, this helps to provide a stable and secure platform to work from when working at a height.

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