Plastic Container Truck – 320 Litre - RM70TR

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Plastic Container Truck – RM70TR.

The RM70TR plastic container truck has a volume capacity of 320 litres and a weight capacity of 220kg. The RM70TR is a heavy duty, tapered, plastic truck that incorporates a plywood baseboard and offers an effective solution for many industrial storage, transportation and materials handling applications. To assist with the products handling and manoeuvrability a plastic handle can be fitted and an optional drop-on plastic lid is available, offering cover and protection of contents.


The RM70TR is manufactured via a rotational moulding process using food grade polyethylene and is supplied as standard with 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel 4 inch (100mm) castors with polypropylene wheels. The stress-free moulding process ensures a plastic container truck that is seamless, smooth and watertight.

The RM70TR can be produced in five standard colours to assist with colour coding including blue, red, yellow, green and white/natural. Additional made to order colours such as orange, purple, brown, and grey can also be produced. We can also supply this product in black, made from recycled material, which can be found by clicking here.


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More Information
Product Name Plastic Container Truck – 320 Litre - RM70TR
External Dimensions 1010 x 685 x 735mm (L x W x H)
Features A food grade, heavy duty, plastic container truck produced from a single one-piece mould to ensure a seamless, smooth and watertight plastic truck that is incredibly robust. Easy to clean the RM70TR plastic container truck is available in a wide range of colours to assist with colour coding. This mobile container truck is supplied as standard with a reinforced plastic baseboard and can also be fitted with a plastic handle and plastic drop-on lid if required.
Volume Capacity 320 Litres / 70 Gallons
Weight Capacity 220kg

A versatile mobile container truck produced from a robust and hard wearing food grade plastic material. The 320 litre mobile container truck is well suited to a number of different applications. Its robust construction makes it able to withstand the strains associated with everyday repetitive use within demanding environments and provide many years of service. The mobile truck is an exemplary product and a favourite among a variety of industries including schools, warehouses, factories, retail and airports. It is easy to handle and very manoeuvrable, an ideal mobile storage and handling solution for busy areas.

The mobile container truck is also a popular solution within hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals and food manufacturing plants. This is due to its corrosion free food grade polyethylene construction and the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain. The tank itself is produced from a single one-piece mould, ensuring that is it seamless and watertight. The 320 litre mobile container truck also incorporates a tapered design, so they can be inter-stacked with one another when not in use.

Why buy Plastic Container Truck – 320 Litre?

  • Reinforced baseboard – Due to its large size, the 320 litre mobile container trucks have a reinforced baseboard implemented to provide support and allow them to facilitate their load without bowing.

  • Variety of colour options – The 320 litre mobile container truck is available in a huge range of colours, with even more available on request. Optional lids and handles are also available.

  • Heavy duty construction – These container trucks are built to last and can withstand the rigors of everyday uses due to their robust and durable composition. The hard wearing plastic is also corrosion free and easy to maintain.

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