Collapsible Crate - 15 Litres - FC4316

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  • External dimensions: Length 400 mm x Width 300 mm x Height 155 mm
  • Dolly Code: rotoXD91 (holds two FC4316s)
  • Volume capacity: 15 Litres
  • Weight capacity: 140 kg
  • Material: Polypropylene
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Product Name Collapsible Crate - 15 Litres - FC4316
SKU FC4316

The FC4316 collapsible crate, along with its two bigger alternatives, form a new range to G-Force Europe. Identifying space saving opportunities can be paramount in certain food and catering environments and we are pleased to be able to address this with the collapsible crate. Due to the clever fold up design, once fully folded this product takes up 85% less space! As the user you will be able to see that further thought and development is evident in the 'click in' folding system - a means by which the foldable crate can be quickly and easily folded together as well as unfolded in a safe manner.

The perforated sides allow for the contents of the crate to receive consistant air flow to help with temperature control if warmth and cold are factors that can effect the lifespan and quality of the contents. When fully assembled the FC4316 collapsible crate proves to be a sturdy construction with inbuilt ergonomic handles along with rounded edges to give an all round easy to handle crate. A smooth inside surface has been designed to prevent causing damage to the contents.

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