Bottle Skip – 160 Litre - MO5

The MO5 bottle skip has a volume capacity of 160 litres and a weight capacity of 60kg. The MO5 is a tapered, polyethylene, bottle skip that is ideal for light-duty materials handling and storage applications. This product is a favourite amongst the catering and hospitality industries and is commonly seen in use within bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels and at events for collecting empty glass bottles.

The MO5 is produced using a rotational moulding process that ensures a one-piece moulded construction that is smooth, seamless and watertight. The product is manufactured from a tough and durable recycled material and is supplied as standard with 4 x 2 inch (50mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels. This bottle skip incorporates an anti-jamming feature that allows it to stack and nest without getting stuck within another unit.

The bottle skip is part of a range of 5 different models. To explore the entire range, simply click here.

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More Information
Product Name Bottle Skip – 160 Litre - MO5
External Dimensions 970 x 360 x 670mm (L x W x H)
Features Light in weight yet incredibly durable plastic, tapered, bottle skip with a seamless and smooth one-piece moulded construction. Easy to clean and watertight the bottle skip is manufactured from a recycled polyethylene. 5 sizes of bottle skips available.
Volume Capacity 160 Litres / 35 Gallons
Weight Capacity 60kg

Longer and thinner than the standard 160 litre capacity plastic bottle skip, these bottle trucks provide a superb mobile storage or collection solution, without taking up any unnecessary space. Often known as bottle bins, these bottle skips are a favourite within the catering and bar trade. They are manufactured using a hard wearing polyethylene that lends itself brilliantly to the most common of its applications, bottle collection. The bar truck is light weight and easy to handle, enabling the user to operate it simply by hand.

Produced from a single mould, the tank itself is a seamless and water tight product that proves to be very easy to clean and maintain. Although typically supplied in a light blue these polyethylene bottle skips are available in a variety of different colours, allowing for any colour coding systems you may have implemented. The heavy duty bottle bins all in all is a very versatile product that can be used for a number of applications besides bottle collection, such as stock picking and handling.

Why buy Bottle Skips – 160 Litre?

  • Space saving – The 160 litre capacity thin bottle skips offers great space saving opportunities. Not only to the bottle skips nest inside each other due to their tapered design, these thinner bottle skips can often be found stored under shelving out of the way behind bars.

  • Quality product – All of our bottle trolleys are manufactured here in the UK and are produced to a high standard ensuring product quality.

  • Great handling – The lightweight nature of the bottle bins makes it incredibly easy to manoeuvre, an essential aspect for a product widely used in busy and demanding environments.

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