Facilities Management

Office Furniture

The G-Force range of office furniture is both stylish and functional. Ideal for any office we provide a wide range of desks, chairs, cabinets, pedestals, shelving and cupboards to help you create the perfect working environment. Available for delivery in flat pack form, or to be constructed on delivery by our couriers the range of office furniture is easily constructed and can be ready to use within minutes. Office desks are available in right hand and left formats and our range of office swivel chairs provide a stylish and comfortable solution for seating. All of the office furniture can be supplied in a range of different colours and finishes to help you create the right environment to suit your requirements.

School Equipment

G-Force Europe offer a wide selection of equipment designed for schools, colleges and universities. Alongside our plastic school lockers, we provide a comprehensive range of children's seating, tray storage cabinets, laptop and tablet storage trolleys and playground seating. Our plastic cubes are widely used within nursery, infant and primary schools for fun and colourful seating within libraries and playgrounds. Our range of plastic playground seating includes a number of different novelty benches to encourage the use of designated seating. Tray storage units provide a colourful solution for both students and teachers to store paperwork and other documents and laptop storage trolleys are designed to provide a secure storage solution that can also charge your laptop or tablet.

Cycle Storage

With many people choosing a greener method of travel via bicycle, the G-Force range of cycle storage solutions is designed to offer businesses, schools and residential areas with a secure solution. Our cycle stands include a huge variety of incredibly strong metal stands designed for ground or wall fixing, offering cycles a designated and secure place to be tied up to. Scooter racks are perfect for schools and parks and offer young children and scooter enthusiasts an ideal location to secure their scooters when not in use. Helping to protect bicycles from the effects of the weather our range of cycle shelters allow different numbers of cycles to be stored securely under cover.

Outdoor Shelters & Seating

Our extensive range of outdoor seating and shelters help to provide many establishments with the necessary equipment to allow customers, visitors or staff with a suitable area to sit as well as travel all year round. Our outdoor shelters and walkway shelters are perfect for many businesses where travel between buildings is necessary. Walkway shelters are available in a variety of formats and styles and can be supply complete with lighting for use at night. Smoking shelters help to provide staff and customers with a designated place to smoke outside, protecting them from the weather as well as helping to reduce the amount of litter build-up. Our range of outdoor seating is manufactured from heavy duty plastics are is designed for use all year round; offering parks, businesses and schools with long lasting seating solutions for playgrounds, recreational areas and outdoor eating areas.

Outdoor Display Boards

Outside display of information is imperative to many businesses, providing passers-by with potential important information. Our display boards are commonly used by the hospitality industry to offer information on up and coming events and ongoing offers as well as for general details or to display restaurant menus. Our range of display boards include both painted and silver anodised formats as well as a wide variety of novelty display boards designed for areas involving children, such as parks and play areas. Ideal for schools, restaurants, churches and many other businesses the G-Force range of outdoor display boards provide a clear and secure solution for displaying information whilst protecting it from the weather.

Yard & Car Park

From wheel stops and traffic posts to speed bumps and traffic mirrors; our range of yard and car park equipment helps to ensure your outside areas are safe. Outdoor storage boxes offer an incredibly strong and durable solution for outdoor storage of tools and equipment. Wheel stops and speed bumps help to control traffic on driveways, roads and within car parks, helping to prevent accidents and improve overall safety standards. Traffic and yard mirrors are an excellent solution for use indoors and outdoors to provide moving vehicles with a view around corners and bends. Our mirrors are used throughout warehouses and industrial environments to help reduce blind spots and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Grit Bins & Winter Equipment

Our grit bins and salt bins are stylish and functional. Manufactured using a rotational moulding process the grit bin consists of a single one-piece moulding that is incredibly strong; resistant to cracking, breaking, denting and weather conditions. Completely made from plastic with no metal components the Supertuff grit and salt bins are perfect for outdoor storage of grit and salt. Attached with a strong plastic hinge the lid of the salt bins is water tight and can be easily locked shut with the use of a simple padlock. To compliment the 2 sizes of Supertuff grit bin we also offer an array of winter preparation equipment including plastic scoops, plastic shovels, snow ploughs and pushers and salt spreaders to help keep your driveways, car parks and pathways free and clear of ice and snow during winter.

Safes & Key Storage

Our selection of small domestic key storage boxes to large electronic safes and fire resistant file cabinets; our safe and key storage solutions are designed to suit any environment. Security is a main concern for many businesses and homes and so G-Force Europe supply a wide range of solutions to help provide piece of mind when it comes to protecting your assets and valuables. Key storage boxes are available in a wide variety of sizes, from single key storage boxes designed to be affixed to walls by front doors to large key safes with built in key return slots. The range of secure, fire resistant file storage cabinets' help to offer a secure and waterproof storage solution that offers extra time and protection for paper documents and digital media in the event of a fire. We also have a number of business safes and office safes which are ideal for keeping important items secure in the home or workplace.