Grit Bins & Salt Bins

Supertuff plastic grit bins and salt bins offer a secure, robust and stylish container for the storage of salt and grit. It is important that all types of organisation keep car parks, yards and outdoor areas usable during the winter months. Grit bins allow the grit or salt to be safely stored close to the area where it is required, such as a road, car park, yard or footpath.

The Supertuff grit bin is available in a choice two sizes, 200 litre capacity and 350 litre capacity offering two options for different size facilities. Every salt and grit bin is clearly marked GRIT or SALT on the lid.

Typically specialist bins are supplied in a bright yellow making them clearly visible and safe for roadside use. Over time yellow has become something of a standard colour for grit and salt bins, as well as yellow our grit and salt bins can be supplied in almost any colour to suit the area they are intended to be used.

Benefits of Grit Bins & Salt Bins

  • The all plastic construction is completely weather proof and will not rust or corrode. Grit or salt is therefore kept dry and protected from the elements.
  • To offer added security our grit bins have a moulded plastic pin on the lid which when closed locates through a slot in the base. This allows the containers to be locked with a padlock to restrict access to the grit or salt inside.
  • The moulded plastic pin means that other than a padlock, no other fixings are required to enable the bins to be locked. This avoids the common problem of metal fixings rusting when exposed to the combination of salt mixed with the winter weather.
  • Our grit and salt bins are designed to be nested together to save space when not in use, this means they are easy to store and transport. Each grit bin is also moulded with fork lift pockets that enable the bins to be easily manoeuvred into position, even when full of grit.

Which Grit Bin & Salt Bin should you buy?

We supply our grit bins for both domestic and commercial use, our customers include schools, hospitals, warehouses, factories, leisure centres, basically anywhere that needs to ensure safe access for pedestrians and vehicles. We aim to keep grit and salt bins in stock at all times, however bear in mind that there can be a rush for winter products during cold snaps so best to be prepared and order early.

Grit bins are just one product in our range of winter maintenance products, we also supply rock salt, white salt, salt spreaders, snow shovels, snow pushers and snow ploughs. Contact us today for more details on any of our products.

Grit bins and grit and salt spreaders are often essential materials for outdoor work, particularly in the cold winter months when it is likely that ice and frost can cause unsafe outdoor working environments.

Whether you are looking to stock for your business, be it small or large, or if you are looking for a grit bin or grit and salt spreader for domestic use, we are likely to stock exactly what you need.  At G-Force we stock a range of equipment which is often fundamental for businesses in which much of the labour takes place outside, or for domestic use for those who want to take care in the icy cold weather.

In order to fulfil health and safety regulations of today for businesses and your own peace of mind, it is essential that you take extra precautions in the winter months when the cold weather can present additional hazards such as accidents on the icy roads and grounds. Grit bins are essential for storing large amounts of grit and salt safely and sensibly, and in order to distribute the grit with ease, a salt and grit spreader will be needed.

In the cold winters, ice and frost can make working or domestic environments particularly unsafe, causing a multitude of accidents. Salt and grit are the most effective way to improve the conditions of roads and terrains drastically.

The salt lowers the melting point of the ice, leading it to melt quickly, and the grit creates more friction on the surface providing a safer environment for workers and drivers. It is essential to prepare yourself for this weather by keeping a stock of grit and salt, and a grit and salt spreader at the ready to ensure you have the correct equipment to maintain a high level of safety in your environment.

Grit Bins from G-Force

Our 200 litre grit bins are perfect for small businesses, or if you’re looking for something with more storage volume, the 350 litre option will be more substantial for all your needs. Grit bins are essential, particularly in the winter months if you are working in outdoor conditions or with vehicles.

All our products are made to withstand any harsh weather conditions, and are robust in structure. They are made from durable UV stabilised polyethylene, with watertight construction to ensure quality storage of your grit and salt in wet conditions. The hinges are made from tough plastic, meaning no metal and therefore no corrosion.

When you get your products from G-Force, there is no additional hassle involved, as they have handy fork pockets which make them easy to manoeuvre with a fork lift truck. They are also stackable so they can be moved, stored and transported with ease.

There is no need for any additional hasp and staple fixings, because the grit bin can be locked securely with just one padlock. The bins are available in a choice of five different colours, so you can choose your colour to fit in with your company’s branding. Your grit bin will be ready for use on arrival, clearly marked ‘Grit / Salt’ on the lid.

The products from G-Force are practical, durable and secure, and have maximum ease of use for all purposes, ensuring only the best quality of products for your business. 

There is no need to worry about delivery costs, because all our deliveries are free, and all our products are held in stock to ensure the fastest delivery. If you would like to purchase multiple bins, we may be able to offer you a great deal. Contact us today to receive your free quotation.

Salt and Grit Bin Spreaders from G-Force

Salt and grit spreaders are another essential item to prepare yourself with for the icy cold and frosty winter months. Whether you a sourcing a salt and grit spreader for a business or for domestic use, we are sure to have exactly the product you need, with a range of sizes, capacities and styles to suit every need.

For a budget spend, we supply a standard salt and grit spreader with a 43 litre hopper which is ideal for businesses and for around your own property.  The pneumatic tyres make it easy to use on any terrain, making your work easy and efficient in all weather environments and surfaces.

For particular ease of use, we supply a range of Cemo alt and grit spreaders, in a multitude of different sizes. Sporting pneumatic wheels and adjustable handles, this essential piece of equipment ensures ease of use on a multitude of surfaces.

These salt and grit spreaders are particularly robust, made with stainless steel tube frame and axels, whilst allowing for the movement you require with a hinged pedestal.

The design is such that it can be used on any terrain, just what you will need throughout the cold winter months to ensure effective gritting and salting. These grit and salt spreaders come in a range of capacities, and for that extra ease of use and conservation of your resources, you can choose an upgraded model which will allow you to control the amount of grit and salt you are dispensing with a regulator. All models come in sizes ranging through 25 litres, 35 litres or 50 litres and are ready assembled for ease of use.

If you are looking for something a bit more substantial in size, we supply a towable version of our grit bins with a capacity of 130 litres. With the same robust features as the smaller models, this version is perfect for ease of transportation and for gritting a larger or more difficult terrain.

Whatever your needs, we are sure to supply the ideal products for you.

G-Force Grit Bins

G-Force are a new innovative business based in the centre of England, with the primary focus of providing top quality workplace equipment for clients for the best possible prices. We work from our factory and warehouse, supplying customers with our very own brand which specialises in robust, well-designed and practical pieces of equipment for all sorts of businesses.

In-house we produce a range of plastic products of the highest quality, including lockers, grit bins, trolleys, and containers. We use a particularly skilled process to create these durable products; rotational moulding, which involves gradually heating up and cooling down the material whilst rotating, moulding whilst the material is a liquid to ensure minimal stress on the materials used, and creating a more durable product which will withstand the test of time and produce a strong product.

We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable team of workers and the quality equipment we provide to our customers. We offer value for money in many different forms, for example promotional offers and bulk discounts. We offer free delivery on all our products, which are kept in stock to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your items. 

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