Winter Preparation Kit - Small

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Winter Preparation Kit - Small. An essential assortment of equipment to help you prepare for wintery weather conditions. The small winter preparation kit includes the 200 litre Supertuff grit bin, a large hand scoop and 4 x 25kg bags of white de-icing salt or brown rock salt.


See additionnal images and Click here for details of the Supertuff grit bin.

More Information
Product Name Winter Preparation Kit - Small
External Dimensions 1080 x 670 x 695mm (L x W x H) GB200
Features Includes the GB200 200 Litre capacity Supertuff grit bin, a large plastic hand scoop and 4 x 25kg bags of white de-icing salt or brown rock salt.
Volume Capacity 200 Litres

Prepare for the cold winter weather with one of our winter preparation kits. This small sized kit includes a 200 Litre Supertuff grit bin, a large plastic hand scoop for help with both filling the bin and distributing the salt and four 25kg bags of white salt.

The Supertuff grit bin provides the perfect storage solution for salt and grit. It is constructed completely from plastic, so no risk of rust or corrosion and has a lockable water-tight lid, to prevent the salt from spoiling. The large hand scoop offers a reliable means for scooping and distributing the salt and grit onto areas such as footpaths and driveways. It’s tough and hard-wearing plastic is well suited to working with coarse materials and it makes light work of heavy weather conditions. To top it all off we have included four bags of white salt to get you started.

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Why buy Winter Preparation Kit – Small?

1. Complete kit – Everything you could require to prepare your business or residence for the upcoming cold weather. Don’t let the ice and snow slow you down.

2. Includes Supertuff grit bin – The Supertuff grit bin is the perfect solution to the storage of salt and grit. Constructed solely from plastic, with a water-tight hinged lid that can easily be locked with a simple padlock, this bin is perfectly suited to withstanding the constant rigors of harsh winter weather.

3. Alternatives available We have several options available when it comes to winter preparation kits. Not only can you choose from a selection of different sized kits to suit your application but the included Supertuff grit bins are available in a vast range of colours upon request.


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