Tapered Bin - 68 Litre - RM15B

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Tapered Bin - RM15B.

The RM15B tapered bin has a volume capacity of 68 litres. This product provides an effective solution for many industrial materials handling applications and can be fitted with stainless steel handles to assist with manual handling. An optional plastic lid as well as drainage holes and bungs can also be provided on request.

The RM15B is produced from food grade polyethylene. It is rotationally moulded and has a seamless, watertight construction that is easy to clean. To assist with manoeuvring fully laden bins, this product is compatible with the RM15D steel dolly and RMSBD plastic dolly. 

The RM15B can be produced in a standard colour range of blueredgreen, yellow and white. Additional colours available to order include orangepurpleblackbrown, grey, dark yellow and light green. Click here to see the entire range of tapered moulded tubs.

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More Information
Product Name Tapered Bin - 68 Litre - RM15B
External Dimensions 505 x 555mm (D x H)
Features A heavy duty, food grade, moulded, plastic, tapered bin designed for industrial use. The RM15B has a volume capacity of 68 litres. Drop-on plastic lid is available. Tapered tub can be produced in a wide range of colours. Optional stainless steel handles, plastic dolly and steel dolly are available on request to assist with handling.
Volume Capacity 68 Litres / 15 Gallons
Dolly Code(s) RMSBD , RM15D

The 68 litre heavy duty tapered bins offer fantastic value for money. Proving to provide a storage solution with a long service life, the plastic tapered bins are available in a selection of sizes and colours. A popular product within the food production industry, these heavy duty tapered bins make for the perfect bulk ingredients storage container. Unable to corrode and produced from a one-piece mould, the tapered bins are seamless and are easily cleaned and maintained. The tough and durable plastic is of food grade, proving to be a hygienic method of storage.

The tapered bins are nestable when not in use. This helps to save on huge amounts of essential storage space. The heavy duty nature of these tapered bins make them ideal for use within a number of different industries including factories, warehouses, schools and recycling.

Why buy Tapered Bins - 68 Litre?

  • Easily cleaned and maintained – The heavy duty tapered bins seamless construction makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Produced from a food grade polyethylene plastic, the tapered bins are perfect for use within hygiene sensitive environments.

  • Selection of sizes and colours – Here at G-Force Europe we offer a wide range of tapered bins in a number of different sizes and colours to help suit your intended application. Choose from five standard colours, with more available on request.

  • Long service life – These tapered bins offer a heavy duty storage solution designed to last. The tough and durable nature of the plastic allows the bins to withstand the rigors associated with busy industrial environments.

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