Tapered Bin - 136 Litre - RM30B

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Tapered Bin - RM30B.

The RM30B tapered bin has a volume capacity of 136 Litres. The RM30B is a heavy duty, plastic, tapered bin that is ideal for many demanding, industrial storage and material handling applications. This product is used throughout a wide range of industries and is designed to stack and nest to save on space, nesting up to 50% of its overall height.

The RM30B is manufactured from food grade polyethylene via rotational moulding. This stress-free moulding process ensures a seamless, smooth and watertight construction that is very hygienic. An optional drop-on plastic lid is available for this product and to assist with manual handling, stainless steel handles can be fitted. It is also compatible with the RMTBD plastic dolly and RM30D steel dolly.

The RM30B can be produced in a standard colour range of blue, red, green, yellow and white. Additional colours available to order include orange, purple, black, brown, grey, dark yellow and light green. To see the entire range of tapered moulded bins please click here.

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More Information
Product Name Tapered Bin - 136 Litre - RM30B
External Dimensions 540 x 920mm (D x H)
Features A heavy duty, food grade, moulded, plastic, tapered bin designed for industrial use. The RM30B has a volume capacity of 136 litres. Tapered moulded tubs stack and nest to help save on storage space. Drop-on plastic lid is available. Tapered tub can be produced in a wide range of colours. Optional stainless steel handles, plastic dolly and steel dolly available on request to assist with handling.
Volume Capacity 136 Litres / 30 Gallons
Dolly Code(s) RMTBD

The RM30B heavy duty, food grade, plastic, tapered moulded bin is ideal for food handling and ingredient storage. Smooth and seamless the plastic tapered bin can be used within high care environments and proves to be easy to clean. Strong and durable, this heavy duty tapered bin is also an ideal solution for many demanding, industrial, storage and materials handling applications. 

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