Telescopic & Extension Ladders

Telescopic & Extension Ladders

To work at excessive heights you often require an extendable ladder; G-Force supply a range of telescopic and extension ladders ideal for industrial use. Constructed in a solid box section style to increase rigidity and strength, our double and triple extension ladders are well designed for providing a safe and stable solution to work from. The telescopic ladder range also offers well-structured ladders for working at extremely high areas, one that can also save on storage space when it is not required. Strong yet compact the telescopic ladders are available in 9 or thirteen rung formats.

Our telescopic ladders are designed for use within a wide variety of environments and adhere to EN-131 European standards. Constructed from lightweight yet incredibly robust aluminium the ladders are ideal for environments where storage space is at a premium as they reduce to a very compact size. Perfect for use off site, the telescopic ladder is able to fit efficiently into a van for use by external personnel.

The double and triple extension ladders are designed to allow work to be carried out at extreme heights. The double extension ladders are available from 12 to 28 rung models and the triple extension ladders extend even further to an expansive 42 rung reaching a height of 10200mm. Our extension ladders incorporate slip resistant D-shaped rungs for increased safety and stability.

Benefits of Telescopic & Extension Ladders

1. A rigid box-section design helps the double extension ladders and triple ladders to prove a strong and structurally stable solution for working at excessive heights. Manufactured from tough and durable metal the ladders are well equipped for use within demanding environments and are able to cope the rigours of repetitive use.

2. Telescopic ladders are ideal for when space is at a premium and for use by external personnel such as engineers as they are able to reduce down to a compact size when not in use. The strong aluminium ladders are easy to use and are available in 9 rung or 13 rung models.

3. All of our telescopic and extendable ladders are built to very high standards and prove to be safe and stable solutions for working at height. Complying with European standard EN-131 the telescopic ladders are suitable for industrial application.

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