Stack Nest Storage Container (5 Pack)

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Stack Nest Storage Container (5 Pack). A pack of five robust plastic stack nest containers with an open front designed for quick and easy access to contents, ideal for storage applications.

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Product Name Stack Nest Storage Container (5 Pack)
External Dimensions 495 x 390 x 320mm (L x W x H)
Features Robust polypropylene moulding; Nesting helps to save on storage space; Containers designed to stack or nest when not in use; Front opening allows for easy access even when stacked
Colour Grey.
Pack Size Five.
Volume Capacity 50 Litres.

Designed to save on essential storage space these stack nest containers offer an easily accessible means for storage and handling. The containers are produced from a robust and durable plastic, able to withstand the rigors of everyday use and provide a reliable storage solution. The stack nest storage containers incorporate an open fronted design that allows the user access to the containers contents, even when they are stacked on top of each other.

Supplied in a pack of five, these long lasting stack nest containers offer an excellent cost effective solution for storage that is ideal for almost any environment. When filled the containers are able to stack on top of one another and still grant access to their contents due to their open front. When they are empty these stack nest containers can be nested inside one another, hugely reducing the amount of space they take up, a perfect solution for a working environment short on space.

Why buy Stack Nest Storage Container (5 Pack)?

  • Robust, durable containers – Ideal for use in a number of different environments including offices, warehouses and factories, these stack nest storage containers provide a sturdy and long lasting storage solution.

  • Contents always accessible – Due to their open fronted design these stack nest containers allow easy access to their contents even when they are stacked, ideal for busy environments.

  • Great value for money – The robust plastic construction of these stack nest containers is designed to offer a long service life. Supplied in packs of five containers these reliable storage solutions truly are great value for money.

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