Recycled Plastic Dolly - RM90DREC

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Recycled Plastic Dolly - RM90DREC.

The RM90DREC recycled plastic dolly is designed to handle 600x400mm, plastic, stack nest containers. The RM90DREC is a heavy duty, durable, recycled, plastic dolly that can be used throughout a host of demanding, industrial environments. This Eco plastic dolly is a cost-effective solution for handling stacks of Maxinest crates, bale arm baskets and stack/nest trays safely and securely.

The plastic dolly is manufactured from a recycled polyethylene material and is supplied as standard with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels. The recycled materials prove to be tough and durable and well suited for heavy duty applications. The plastic dolly consists of a single, one-piece moulding that is seamless, smooth and incredibly strong.

The RM90DREC can be produced in a variety of recycled colours including black (which is standard) and additional colours including red, blue and green. This plastic dolly is ideal for handling stack and nest containers such as the SN190, SN0112 and SN0113. To view the entire range of plastic dollies, feel free to click here.

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More Information
Product Name Recycled Plastic Dolly - RM90DREC
External Dimensions 600 x 400mm Plastic Dolly (aperture size 560 x 360mm)
Features A heavy duty, recycled, plastic dolly designed for use within general industry. Perfect for materials handling applications within demanding, industrial environments, the plastic dolly is designed to handle stacks of stack nest containers, Maxinest crates and bale arm baskets with a 600x400mm footprint. Recycled material is available in a variety of colours. Not suitable for food contact.
Weight Capacity 180KG

Designed specifically to suit stack nest containers and bale arm baskets, the RM90D Eco plastic dollies are produced to an impeccable standard here in the UK. The Eco plastic dollies feature an incredibly hygienic design, allowing them to be easily and effectively cleaned and maintained. Their design also allows the stack nest baskets to sit into the recycled plastic dollies, creating a secure structure, when handling large stacks of stack nest containers or bale arm crates. The recycled material that these plastic dollies are produced from is extremely hard wearing and it offers the same long lasting reliability as its virgin material counterpart, just with added savings.

Due to it's crevice free and hygienic design attributes, the RM90D is easily maintain, helping to extend its service life. The Eco plastic dollies are produced via rotational moulding and as such are incredibly strong, ideal for use within challenging industrial environments such as factories and warehouses throughout the distribution, import and export, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical and engineering industries just to name a few.

Why buy Recycled Plastic Dolly - RM90D?

  • Hard wearing - The Eco plastic dollies are produced via a rotational moulding process, ensuring that they are incredibly robust and well equipped for use within demanding environments. Their recycled plastic construction is tough and durable, making sure that the plastic dollies provide reliable service.

  • Perfect for stack nest containers - The plastic dollies are specifically designed to handle stack nest containers or bale arm crates of a standard 600 x 400mm size. Structurally sound, the plastic dollies can handle large stacks of containers efficiently, allowing you to easily transport or store your bale arm baskets with ease.

  • Recycled material - The recycled material that these Eco palstic dollies are produced from is strong and durable, equal to that of the virgin material equivalent. Ideal for non-food contact environments these plastic dollies offer fantastic value for money.

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