Plastic Tank – 455 Litre - RM100T

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The RM100T plastic tank has a volume capacity of 455 litres. The RM100T is a heavy duty plastic tank that provides an effective solution for many bulk, industrial storage and materials handling applications. The product is well suited for use within a vast array of different environments and incorporates a tapered design that enables it to nest, saving on storage space. An optional drop-on plastic lid is available to help cover and protect its contents.

The RM100T is manufactured from food grade polyethylene using rotational moulding. The stress-free moulding process ensures a seamless, watertight, one-piece moulded construction that proves to be very hygienic. The finished, crevice-free, container is easily maintained and provides a product that is designed to last. 

The RM100T can be produced in a standard colour range of blueredgreen, yellow and white (natural). Additional colours available to order include orangepurplebrown and grey. We can also supply a black variant made from recycled material which can be found by clicking here.

This product is also compatible with the RM100CTSS mobile chassis frame, enabling you to mobilise the plastic tank, providing an efficient solution for handling heavy loads.

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More Information
Product Name Plastic Tank – 455 Litre - RM100T
External Dimensions 1370 x 775 x 670mm (L x W x H)
Features The RM100T is a heavy duty, food grade, plastic tank ideal for storage and handling applications. The seamless, smooth and watertight construction of the plastic tank enables it to be easily cleaned. This plastic tank is available in a wide range of colours. Optional drop-on plastic lid and mobile chassis frame available.
Volume Capacity 455 Litres / 100 Gallons

Designed to be durable and long lasting the plastic storage tanks are rotationally moulded using a single one-piece mould to ensure that they are smooth, seamless and watertight containers, ideal for a multitude of applications. The 455 litre plastic tanks are the largest in our range and are well suited to a host of environments including warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, kitchens and food production facilities to name a few. The large plastic tanks are constructed from a food grade polyethylene plastic that is non-corrosive and easily cleaned. Highly durable the plastic material requires very little to no maintenance and is designed to provide years of reliable service.

The 455 litre capacity plastic tanks incorporate a tapered design allowing them to be nested within one another when they are not in use, saving on huge amounts of essential storage space. Available in five colours as standard the plastic tanks are available in a huge range of colours on request; call us today for more details. Available alongside the different sized large plastic tanks are optional plastic drop-on lids, designed to offer cover and protection for contents.  

Why buy Plastic Tanks – 455 Litre?

  • Incredibly strong construction – The 455 litre capacity plastic tanks are produced from a single one-piece mould to ensure a smooth and seamless container. The material is a heavy duty food grade polyethylene plastic that is design to withstand the rigors associated with repetitive use.

  • Range of options – Choose from a range of colours and sizes, all with compatible drop-on plastic lids.

  • Nestable tapered tank – The 455 litre capacity plastic tank incorporates a tapered design that allows it to nest inside one another when not in use. This helps to save on large amounts of storage space.

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