Plastic Solid Pallet Box – 500 Litre (Euro) - DL1208S

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  • External dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 740mm (L x W x H)
  • Pallet quantity: 3
  • Volume capacity: 500 Litres
  • Weight capacity: 700kg (Stand Alone), 4000kg (Stack Load)
  • Internal dimensions: 1120 x 720 x 600mm (L x W x H)
  • Material: Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Body: solid 2 runner


This DL1208S has a capacity of 500 litres, solid sides, and base, mounted on 2 plastic runners. The runners make this pallet box compatible with a forklift and allows it to stack securely on top of one another.

The DL1208S industrial bulk box is ideal for heavy duty storage, distribution, and warehouse usage. Suitable for manufacturing, logistics, Factories, production lines, storage or self-storage facilities and other general industry.

A plastic drop on lid can also be fitted to this pallet box and does not affect its ability to be stacked.

More Information
Product Name Plastic Solid Pallet Box – 500 Litre (Euro) - DL1208S
External Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 740mm (L x W x H)
Features Heavy duty plastic construction; Pallet box is available in four different colours; Optional lids available; Manufactured with integral runners for strength; Ideal for storage in pallet racking; Can be safely tipped on rotating forks; Easy to clean and maintain; Produced from certified food grade plastic; Standard European size;
Colour Choice of four colours
Volume Capacity 500 Litres

Produced using certified food grade plastic these euro sized plastic pallet boxes are supplied complete with a set of integrated runners. These runners make the pallet boxes an ideal bulk storage solution, compatible with pallet racking and they can be safely tipped on rotating forks. Proven to be a popular storage and transportation solution with the food manufacturing industry these plastic pallet boxes offer a solid and robust container that is easy to clean and maintain and will not rust or corrode.

Available in a number of different colours, the 500 litre capacity euro sized plastic pallet box proves to be an ideal storage device for a number of industrial environments, including factories, warehouses, recycling and agriculture. The pallet boxes are able to stack on top of one another, with or without the optional plastic lids in place. This helps to save on essential space in both storage and shipping.

Why buy Plastic Pallet Boxes – 500 Litre (Euro)?

  • Integrated runners - Incorporated in the design, these plastic pallet boxes are manufactured with sets of integrated plastic runners. These runners prove to allow the euro sized pallet box to be easily stored within pallet racking and successfully and safely tipped on rotating forks.

  • Heavy duty construction – Produced from a robust and hard wearing polyethylene plastic, these pallet boxes are built to provide many years of service, withstanding the rigors associated with demanding industrial environments.

  • Solid sides and base – The 500 litre capacity euro sized plastic pallet boxes have easy to clean solid sides and bases, produced from food grade plastic. This makes them an ideal solution for use in food manufacturing.

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