Plastic Container Truck – 200 Litre - RM45TR

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Plastic Container Truck – RM45TR. This premium tapered truck is available in a wide selection of colours to assist with colour coding including blue, red, yellow, green, white/natural, orange, purple, brown, black, light green, dark yellow and pink. These Plastic mobile bins are supplied as standard with 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel 4 inch (100mm) castors with polypropylene wheels.

Manufactured in our rotational moulding facility from food grade polyethylene these industrial quality plastic container trucks are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications throughout many industries including food manufacturing, food processing, warehousing and retail distribution, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, hospitality and catering, clothing and textiles, waste and recycling and hospitals. Harnessing a seamless and watertight design the colour coded plastic tapered trucks can be easily cleaned and make for ideal liquid storage containers as well as dry food ingredient bins. These plastic mobile bins are available with or without optional drop-on plastic lids and heavy duty plastic handles to assist with handling (see RM45TRH).

The RM45TR premium tapered trucks are also available in a recycled Eco plastic version offering a cost effective, non-food grade alternative. For more information on these durable plastic container trucks, please continue reading below...

More Information
Product Name Plastic Container Truck – 200 Litre - RM45TR
Large Item No
External Dimensions 825 x 480 x 785mm (L x W x H)
Features Easily cleaned and very hygienic; Colour coded food ingredient bins; Optional drop-on plastic lid available; Heavy duty plastic handle available; Incredibly robust plastic tapered truck; Manufactured from food grade polyethylene; Mobile plastic container truck is easily handled; Heavy duty, seamless and watertight construction
Colour 12 colours to chose from, more available on request.
Volume Capacity 200 Litres / 45 Gallons
Weight Capacity 150kg

The 200 litre mobile container truck is well designed for use within demanding industrial environments. Produced robust robust plastic material, a plastic mobile container truck is more than capable of withstanding the rigors of everyday use and will offer many years of service. The tank incorporates a tapered design allowing it to inter-stack with one another, saving on large amounts of essential storage space when not in use. It is also produced from a single one-piece moulding, which ensures a seamless and water-tight construction.

Plastic mobile trucks and trolleys, are a popular storage and handling solution within a number of industries including food production, retail, warehousing, schools, hospitals and kitchens. They are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, proving to be ideal equipment for hygiene sensitive applications. Available in a range of different colours, with more available on request, these mobile container trucks are also available in a multitude of sizes with optional lids and handles as well.

Why buy Mobile Container Truck – 200 Litre?

  • Hygienic – The mobile container truck proves to be a very hygienic piece of equipment, ideal for applications within schools, hospitals and food manufacturing environments. The seamless tank is easy to clean and maintain and is produced from a food grade plastic that will not corrode.

  • Efficient storage – These 200 litre container trucks incorporate a tapered design which allows them to inter-stack when not in use. Optional lids are also available to help protect and contents being stored within.

  • Easy to handle – The mobile container trucks are easily handled and very manoeuvrable making them ideal for high trafficked environments such as factories and warehouses.

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