Plastic Stack Nest Bale Arm Crate - SN190

Plastic Stack Nest Bale Arm Crate - SN190. These Maxinest bale arm baskets are available from stock in a range of colours including blue, red, yellow and green.

Able to stack and nest these plastic stack nest containers are used widely across a number of different industries including retail distribution, farming, horticulture, food manufacturing, food processing, transport, import and export, recycling as well as within grocery shops, supermarkets, abattoirs, food banks and many more environments. The Allibert plastic maxinest bale arm baskets stack on top of one another when the bale arms are engaged and can nest inside each other when the bale arms are disengaged, saving on huge amounts of space.

Allowing you to handle large quantities of these Maxinest bale arm crates our RM90D plastic dollies (skates) are designed to handle stacks of stack nest containers securely. For more information on these plastic stack nest bale arm crates please continue reading below...

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More Information
Product Name Plastic Stack Nest Bale Arm Crate - SN190
External Dimensions 600 x 400 x 199mm
Features Great space saver, stacks when full and nests when empty; Baskets are perfect for storage and distribution; Corresponding dolly available; Produced in food grade plastic; Available in a choice of colours; Vented sides and base provide airflow;
Colour Blue, Green, Red or Yellow.
Volume Capacity 35 litres
Dolly Code(s) RM90D

Often referred to as a stack nest container, crate or maxinest tray, our distribution basket is a tried and tested solution for storage and distribution.  The bale arm crate is designed to save space when empty by nesting inside the container below.   These containers are produced using food grade plastic, making it a number one choice for use in the food industry, often used for produce deliveres so retailers.  

The stack and nest container incorporates two built in plastic bale arms, which allow it to both stack and nest. When the arms are engaged the baskets stack securely on stacking points, and when disengaged they nest within one another, taking up a fraction of the space.

The 600 x 400mm footprint is known as "Euro size", a standard footprint within the UK and across Europe.  This standardsided size container stacks efficiently on pallets without wasting any space and is also compaitble with a range of wheeled dollies, racks and trolleys . Constructed from plastic these baskets are perfect for repetitive use and their vented sides and base allow for excellent airflow.

Why buy Stack & Nest Euro Distribution Basket?

  • Quick and easy delivery – These popular distribution baskets are kept in stock in a range of colours, available for a fast and efficient despatch.

  • Food grade plastic – Produced using a food grade plastic our stack & nest distribution baskets are widely used across the food manufacturing industry. When stacked they allow for efficient airflow and when not in use they can be nested to save huge amounts of storage space.

  • Ask for a quotation – When purchasing in bulk amounts we have many savings to offer. See above for prices for up to 180 baskets and if you are looking to purchase larger amounts call us today for a quote!

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