Recycled Plastic Dolly for Confectionery Trays - RM35DYREC

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Recycled Plastic Dolly - RM35DYREC

The RM35DYREC recycled plastic dolly is designed to handle 762x457mm, confectionery trays safely and securely. The RM35DYREC is a recycled plastic dolly that is a favourite amongst the food manufacturing, catering and bakery industries. This durable, plastic dolly is ideal for handling confectionery trays, bakery trays and bread trays.

The plastic dolly is manufactured from recycled polyethylene and is supplied as standard with 2 x fixed and 2 x swivel, 4 inch (100mm) castors with polypropylene wheels. The confectionery tray dolly has a smooth, seamless and crevice-free construction that can be easily cleaned. The open aperture helps to allow air to flow freely, helping to speed up cooling times with perforated trays.

The RM35DYREC is made in its standard colour of black but can also be produced in redblue, and green. This recycled plastic dolly is ideal for handling the 30183A, 30183B and 30184C confectionery trays to name a few. Click here to view our complete selection of confectionery trays. To view the full range of plastic dollies, simply click here.

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More Information
Product Name Recycled Plastic Dolly for Confectionery Trays - RM35DYREC
External Dimensions 810 x 505mm Plastic Dolly (aperture size 765 x 460mm)
Features A heavy duty, recycled plastic dolly designed to handle 762x457mm, confectionery trays, bakery trays or bread trays. Available in a range of colours to assist with colour coding. Highly manoeuvrable plastic dolly. Aperture allows for efficient levels of airflow for cooling purposes. Perfect for our range of colour coded, plastic, stackable, confectionery trays and bakery trays. Not suitable for food contact.
Weight Capacity 200KG

The confectionery tray recycled plastic dolly is the perfect solution for transporting large numbers of stacked plastic confectionery trays and plastic bakery trays. The plastic dollies are designed to suit our range of colour coded confectionery trays, regardless of their depth as they all share an identical, inter stackable footprint. Highly manoeuvrable, the recycled plastic dolly can be handled effortlessly and is available in a range of different recycled colours. The colours, easily allow for colour coding and product separation within different departments.

Produced using a robust and durable polyethylene the confectionery tray dolly is built to withstand the rigours of repetitive use within industrial factories and general industry. The heavy duty construction incorporates a seamless design that is easy to clean and maintain, proving to be a durable recycled plastic dolly. Also commonly known as skates, these plastic dollies are ideal for safely and securely handling large stacks of plastic confectionery trays and plastic bakery trays.

Why buy a Recycled Plastic Dolly for Confectionery Trays?

  • Practical – Easily handled and highly manoeuvrable, these confectionary tray recycled plastic dollies make light work of transporting stacked bakery trays and confectionery trays.

  • Hygienic – Manufactured using a heavy duty polyethylene and consisting of a one piece seamless mould, the industrial quality plastic dolly is easily cleaned and maintained. The recycled plastic material will not rust or corrode, making the colour coded plastic dollies ideal for use in high risk environments.

  • Range of colours available – The plastic dolly is available in a variety of food approved colours to suit colour coded systems of different environments and to help with product segregation.

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