Plastic Dollies & Containers

Our range of storage containers offer a huge range of options to suit any application. From plastic trays and bins to tanks and plastic pallet boxes, our containers offer solutions for any organisation. With the right storage and trucks and trolleys you can keep your site running smoothly and efficiently.

Euro Stacking Containers

We offer a wide range of Euro stacking containers with a choice of solid or perforated sides and bases. The “Euro” size was originally developed to ensure containers efficiently stacked on pallets, but has since gone on to become the industry standard now widely used across the whole of Europe.

All the containers we offer in the range are stackable with each other and are also called stackable heavy duty boxes. We also offer plastic or steel dollies, plastic pallets and storage systems to effectively store and transport the containers.

Stack & Nest Containers

Our range of stack and nest containers are plastic containers, trays and plastic bread baskets that are designed to stack when in use and nest together to save space when empty. Stack and nest containers are a fantastic space saver, a great option for compact areas or for distribution where valuable space can be saved on return journeys. Our stack nest containers and baskets are commonly used for retail, production, logistics and warehouse applications.

Tote Boxes

We offer a range of robust plastic tote boxes, each coming with an integrated lid attachment. The two part hinged lids meet in the middle to let the tote boxes be stacked when closed. When empty, the lid can be left open and will fit a box for a more space efficient nesting option.

The robust nature of the tote boxes makes them ideal for transportation and general storage in all environments. Our plastic tote boxes are available in a wide choice of sizes and colours.

Picking Bins

Picking bin or parts bins are a familiar site in most workshops, factories, store rooms and warehouses. Picking bins are available in a range of sizes and colours to provide accessible storage for small components and stock. Picking bins are designed to stack or kept on louvered panels.

We can supply louvered panels, trolleys and cabinets separately or as a complete kit. An alternative storage container for small parts and components is the plastic shelf tray. We offer the trays on their own or complete with a storage cabinet. Also for small parts storage we supply a range of drawer units made up of transparent containers, giving clear sight of the items within.

Parts Bins & Picking Wall

Our open fronted picking bins are essentially Euro size plastic stacking boxes that have a pick opening on either the short or long side. This allows larger items to be stored with easy access for picking.

The picking bins, also known as parts bins, are stackable and can be combined to form pick walls. We supply them as individual containers or as a complete kit for your convenience. The pick wall kits are a cost effective way to provide accessible storage in warehouse and factory applications, we recommend you visit our ladders and steps section to find a climbing solution to help you reach the top corners of your pick walls.

Small Parts Storage

We have a huge stock of small parts storage cabinets available for storage uses. These clear and heavy-duty cabinets are manufactured to a high standard so they can be used in a range of environments, and the clear plastic trays make the cabinets a good long-term investment. 

Plastic Storage Cabinets

There are tough indoor plastic storage cabinets that are designed to hold a range of products with ease. Available in a variety of sizes and with different optional add-ons, we can tailor your plastic storage cabinet to your preference.

The versaility of plastic storage drawers mean they can be used both in the office and at home. We have them available in a variety of colours, helping you find the ideal storage solution.

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Our clear plastic storage boxes are lightweight containers suited for general purpose storage. These low cost boxes are transparent for easy contents visibilitry and come supplied complete with lids. A low cost option, these boxes are ideal for less demanding storage applications.

The plastic storage boxes are clear storage containers that have handles either side for better control. Being made from strong plastic, these containers are more suited for carrying heavy contents.

Large Plastic Tanks

Our heavy duty large plastic tanks are available in a range of sizes. The durable moulded construction means that our tanks are able to withstand industrial environments and lend themselves well to many different applications. Our tanks cans be produced in a choice of colours with lids available as well.

Stackable Storage Bins

tackable storage bins are robust plastic bins that are designed to securely stack together. Available in four heights, each container has matching diameters allowing the four sizes to be combined as required. Produced in food grade material the bins are suited to various applications e.g. ingredients storage. The stacking storage bins can be supplied in a choice of colours with optional lids and dollies also available.

Tapered Bins and Tubs

Tapered bins are available in a choice of sizes and colours. Manufactured from tough and durable plastic, these robust tapered bins will provide years of use even in demanding industrial applications. Each of the bins can be supplied with a lid and dolly to make moving and handling as easy as possible.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are ideal for bulk storage and transportation, G-Force's range offers a number of options to ensure you receive the best product for your needs. Our standard industrial pallet boxes are multi-purpose plastic pallet boxes, supplied in grey as standard, with three black runners. If different colours are required we offer a range of other boxes at no extra cost.

This range of pallet boxes can be supplied in a choice of two sizes and solid or perforated sides. Another benefit of this range is the integrated moulded runners, this allows the boxes to be picked up and tipped on rotating forks. Our foldable pallet boxes can be collapsed down when not in use, a great space saver that drastically reduces the size of a bulky item.

Plastic Pallets

Our range of plastic pallets offer solutions for different load weights and applications. The lightweight pallets are designed for single use, typically for exporting palletised freight when wooden pallets cannot be used. They can also be used as a basic internal storage pallet to keep items off the floor and allow easy handling on a forklift or pallet truck.

We offer medium and heavy duty pallets designed for internal use which are compatible with pallet racking systems. Choose from either an open perforated deck or an enclosed solid deck (typically used where hygiene and ease of cleaning is an issue).

Mesh Cages & Storage Cages

We feature a large number of mesh storage cages that have variable dimensions. They offer clear ventilated storage solutions that also offer added security by keeping contents in sight. Storage cages are commonly used in the industrial field because of their durable build quality and resistance to fatigue.

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