Nestable Roll Container – Split Door

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Nestable Roll Container – Split Door. Commonly used in retailing and warehouse applications this four sided nestable roll container has a stable-style split door allowing easy access to goods contained.

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Product Name Nestable Roll Container – Split Door
External Dimensions 850 x 735 x 1690mm (L x W x H)
Features Folds away and nest for easy storage; Strong reinforced design; Clear view of products being stored; Commonly used in retailing and warehouse applications;
Weight Capacity 600kg.

A four sided roll container designed to be nestable, complete with a split stable-styled door. These roll containers offer huge benefits to both storage and transportation applications within a number of industrial sectors, including warehousing and retail. The stable-styled split door allows for the container to be partially loaded and unloaded from the top, without any risk of items falling out of the roll container onto the ground.

These nestable roll containers offer great visibility of the goods that they are storing, aiding with check-in or inspection procedures within a business. Constructed using a strong steel and with a reinforced design the roll container is well suited for use in industrial applications. The split door nestable roll container is also an exemplary space saving piece of equipment. Its nestable design allows the roll containers to be folded down and nested within one another, which saves huge amounts of space within the warehouse or on a truck for example, when they are not in use.

Why buy Nestable Roll Container – Split Door?

  • Split door – These four door nest-able roll containers incorporate a split stable-styled door which allows the user access to the top half of the containers contents without risk of the lower items falling out if incorrectly stacked. It also allows the roll container to be quickly loaded from the top.

  • Nesting ability – These roll containers are great space savers. They are able to be folded down when not in use and nested on one another to save essential floor space.

  • Reinforced roll container – The roll containers are produced using strong and durable steel with zinc plating. The design is reinforced to produce a storage and handling solution that is able to withstand the rigors associated with transport and distribution.

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