Nestable Roll Container – Full Security

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Nestable Roll Container – Full Security. A Four sided nestable roll container with full security mesh, a top cover and an inner shelf. These roll containers are commonly used in retail, airports, warehousing and factory applications.

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Product Name Nestable Roll Container – Full Security
External Dimensions 850 x 735 x 1690mm (L x W x H)
Features Folds away and nest for easy storage; Strong reinforced design; Clear view of products being stored; Commonly used in retailing and warehouse applications;
Weight Capacity 600kg.

The full security nestable roll container offers a stable and secure method of storing and transporting large amounts of goods. The main difference for these full security roll containers to other standard four sided nestable roll containers is that all four sides are made up of a tight wire mesh, allowing the contents to remain visible but contained much more securely. These full security containers also include a top and an inner shelf.

Produced using strong and durable steel the roll container is finished with a zinc plated coating to provide added protection for the metal work. They are able to withstand the rigors often associated with constant use in heavy trafficked environments. These roll containers also have the ability to be folded down and nested within one another when they are not in use, this helps to save on massive amounts of storage space.

Why buy Nestable Roll Container – Full Security?

  • Full security mesh – The full security nestable roll container has a tight steel mesh on each of the sides and the top, providing good visibility whilst keeping the contents of the cage secure.

  • Top shelf – These nestable roll containers include an inner top shelf so that you can separate goods or perhaps place more valuable or breakable goods securely at the top. This shelf can be easily folded down if not required.

  • Fit for purpose – The full security roll container incorporates all of the attributes of a nestable roll cage but with added security. Ideal for transporting large amounts of high value goods, these roll containers are perfect for a host of applications in almost any environment.

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