Mobile Tray Rack – 4 Deep Trays - CT604

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Mobile Tray Rack – 4 Deep Trays. Incredibly strong steel mobile tray rack is designed to house four durable euro sized plastic containers measuring 600 x 400 x 235mm. These racks provide a highly manoeuvrable and uniformed storage solution ideal for a variety of environments.


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Product Name Mobile Tray Rack – 4 Deep Trays - CT604
External Dimensions 700 x 525 x 1250mm (Length x Width x Height)
Features Euro sized solid plastic containers; Highly manoeuvrable welded steel rack; Manufactured in the UK to a very high standard; Racks built to uniformed size, only height differs; Steel top and metal strap on rear providing support and cover;
Colour Blue epoxy finish

Built to a uniformed specification the mobile tray racks differ only in height. With dimensions 700 x 525 mm (Length x Width) the different sized racks can be stored easily and swapped around without using up any unnecessary storage space. These deep container mobile tray racks offer an easily handled manoeuvrable storage solution for larger tools, parts and components, helping to keep your workplace organised. Every mobile tray rack is manufactured to a very high standard right here in the UK, ensuring a consistent quality throughout that is designed to provide years of service.

With a welded square steel tube construction the mobile tray racks are incredibly strong and durable, perfect for use in a huge host of environments. Each rack is supplied complete with a number of solid, durable plastic containers that offer a storage option that can be reused time and time again. The rack is mounted onto four 100 mm swivel castors that allow it to be easily manoeuvred about the business and each mobile tray rack has a steel top. To prevent the trays from being pushed all the way through, each mobile rack has formed tray supports and a metal strap descending down the rear.

Why buy Mobile Tray Racks – Deep Trays?

  • Euro sized containers – Each mobile tray rack is supplied with a number of euro sized plastic containers. These solid plastic trays are able to be stacked on top of each other when not held within the racking; they can also be swapped between different racks as they share the same uniformed footprint.
  • Versatile storage – The mobile tray racks offer a manoeuvrable and highly versatile storage solution for different environments. Well designed to cope with the rigors of an industrial setting, they also compliment offices and general storage facilities.
  • High quality product – You can be sure that you are receiving a product built to stand the test of time with the range of mobile tray racks. Constructed using strong steel and finished with an epoxy coating, these UK manufactured racks offer fantastic value for money.
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