Minihoppa Ingredient Dispenser - 15 Litre

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Minihoppa Ingredient Dispenser. The Minihoppa ingredient dispenser has a capacity of 15 litres. The Minihoppa is a food grade, plastic, food ingredient dispenser ideal for the table-top storage of dry food stuffs and ingredients such as dried fruits, flours, spices, cereals and nuts.

The Minihoppa is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and is supplied complete with a clear plastic flap that can be upgraded to stainless steel if required. A part of the Hygiplas range of ingredient storage equipment the Minihoppa allows filling from the top and dispense from the bottom of the container.

Easy to clean and very hygienic, the Minihoppa is available in a wide range of colours to assist with colour coding including white, yellow, blue, green, red, orange, purple, pink, black, brown, light green and dark yellow.

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More Information
Product Name Minihoppa Ingredient Dispenser - 15 Litre
SKU Minihoppa
External Dimensions 490 x 250 x 500mm (L x W x H)
Volume Capacity 15 Litres
Weight Capacity 18KG

A part of the Hygiplas range, the Minihoppa is a 15 litre capacity, food grade, plastic, ingredient dispenser designed for table-top storage and dispense of food ingredients and dry food stuffs.

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