Large Hand Scoop

Large Hand Scoop. Hard-wearing and durable, these scoops are ideal for use with distributing coarse materials such as salt and grit.

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Product Name Large Hand Scoop
External Dimensions 167 x 230 x 355mm
Features Ideal for snow clearing or spreading of grit; Tough plastic blades make light work of heavy weather

The robust plastic construction of these large hand scoops allows for a long lasting and efficient means of scooping and distributing harsh or coarse materials such as salt and grit. They also offer a practical solution to the removal of snow. Coloured bright orange these scoops are easily identifiable and not easily misplaced. The larger sized scoops are well designed in combination with our selection of grit and salt bins for distributing the salt and grit to the likes of path ways, driveways and outdoor areas. These scoops are manufactured as one piece, so there is no risk of misplacing any detachable components and this also increases the scoops structural integrity. Make sure you are prepared for the icy cold winter months and order some scoops today!

Why buy Large Hand Scoop?

  • Reliability – Constructed from a single piece mould, the scoops are manufactured from a tough and durable plastic that proves hard to break, providing a long lasting solution to distributing salt and grit.

  • Ideal for heavy weather – Structurally sound, these large hand scoops incorporate tough plastic blades that make light work of dealing with heavy weather such as ice and snow.

  • Selection of sizes and colours – Available in both small and large sizes these scoops are supplied as standard in a bright orange colour, helping to make them stand out and be easily recognisable. A host of other colour options are available on request, give us a call today.
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