Inter-Stacking Bin - 31 Litre - AC02

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  • External Dimensions: 425 x 300mm
  • Capacity (Litres): 31
  • Material: MDPE (polyethylene)
  • Temperature rating (guide): -30 to +80 degrees centigrade
  • Weight: 3.0 kg
  • Pallet quantity (1200 x 1000): 56
  • Factory accreditations: IS09001/2015

A food grade, plastic, inter-stackable bin designed to stack with all other stacking tubs in the range. This tough and durable inter-stacking bin is hygienic and easily cleaned. Available in a range of 4 sizes, each able to inter-stack with one another and related plastic dollies. Huge range of colours available. Optional lids and labelling available.

More Information
Product Name Inter-Stacking Bin - 31 Litre - AC02
External Dimensions 425 x 300mm (D x H)
Volume Capacity 31 Litres / 7 Gallons
Dolly Code(s) RMSBD

Commonly used throughout many industries including food manufacturing, bakeries, commercial kitchens as well as general manufacturing, these stackable storage bins have fantastic hygienic properties. Manufactured from a food grade polyethylene plastic material the inter-stackable plastic bin consists of a single one-piece mould. This single mould ensures a smooth and seamless ingredint storage container that is easy to clean due to it having no interior dirt traps and it produces an incredibly durable plastic stacking bin. Although these inter-stacking plastic tubs are often used for the storage of food ingredients their heavy duty nature makes them exemplary storage bins for a multitude of applications within almost any industrial environment.

The inter-stacking plastic bins are available in a variety of different colours, with even more available on request if you require something specific. Each size of the stackable plastic bins has an identical diameter measurement and they all incorporate the same stacking feature, allowing them to stack on top of one another regardless of the size of bin. This stackable nature makes the heavy duty ingredient storage bins a great space saver when not in use or even when fully loaded. The identical base diameter also allows each size of the plastic inter-stacking bins to be compatible with our RMSBD plastic dollies. These food grade heavy duty plastic dollies allow you to easily handle and manoeuvre large stacks of ingredient bins about a busy factory, bakery or kitchen with ease.

Why buy Inter-Stacking Bins (AC02) - 31 Litre?

  • Optional lids and colours available – The stackable storage bins are all available in a wide selection of colours, with many more available on request if required. They are all also available with a compatible drop-on lid, helping to protect and cover the bins contents.

  • Hygienic design – Perfect for use within hygienic sensitive environments, the stackable bins have fantastic hygienic properties that make them exemplary storage solutions for use in hospitals, kitchens, schools and food manufacturing.

  • Designed to last – The stackable storage bins incorporate a simple one-piece moulded design that is structurally strong and is able to withstand the rigors associated with everyday use in industrial environments.

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