Ingredient Dispenser - 15 Litre - RM15ID

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This ingredient bin is designed for the storage of flour as well as any other dry food and is an ideal ingredient tub for use in the food industry. The RM15ID ingredient dispenser has a volume capacity of 15 litres and a weight capacity of 18kg. The RM15ID is a durable, hygienic, ingredient dispenser that is supplied as standard with a drop-on lid and a clear plastic flap, which, can be upgraded to stainless steel if needed. The product was originally designed for table top dispense and storage of dry food stuffs and food ingredients. It can however, be used as an effective solution for storage and dispense of PPE equipment within general industry and small components within manufacturing environments.

The RM15ID is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and has a crevice-free, one-piece, moulded construction that enables it to be easily cleaned. This model of table-top ingredient dispenser can be filled from the top and dispensed from the bottom to ensure product rotation.

The RM15ID can be produced in a huge range of colours including red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange, purple, black, brown, pink, light green and dark yellow. Looking for a different sized ingredient storage container? Click here to view the full range.

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More Information
Product Name Ingredient Dispenser - 15 Litre - RM15ID
External Dimensions 490 x 250 x 500mm (L x W x H)
Features A food grade, plastic, table-top, ingredient dispenser supplied complete with plastic lid and clear plastic flap. Ideal for storing and dispensing dry food stuffs and ingredients such as spices, nuts, cereals and dried fruits the food ingredient dispenser is hygienic and easy to clean. Large range of colour options and stainless steel flap upgrade available.
Volume Capacity 15 Litres
Weight Capacity 18KG

Perfect for use within food handling environments the table top ingredients bin is produced from a hard wearing a durable plastic material. The polyethylene plastic that these ingredients dispensers are manufactured from is certified food grade material. Non-corrosive and easy to clean and maintain, these ingredients bins are built to last and can endure the strains that are often associated with everyday industrial use.

Supplied complete with a transparent hinged flap and available in a range of colours, all recognisable within the food manufacturing industry, these table top ingredients bins offer an exemplary piece of equipment that can be stored on table top as well as under counter or on shelving. Available in a variety of sizes and as static bins or mobile you are sure to find the ingredients dispensers to suit your requirements.

Why buy Ingredient Dispenser – 15 Litre?

  • Easy to use – The 15 litre capacity table top ingredients bin is simple to use and easy to clean and maintain. Essential for an environment handling food products these ingredients bin is non-corrosive and produced from food grade material.

  • Colour coded – Available in several colours associated with the food industry, red, yellow, white, green and blue, the table top ingredients bin are perfect for use in kitchens and food factories.

  • Space saver – Ideal for the storage of ingredients these dispensers can be stored as table top ingredients bin, upon shelving or under counter helping to save on valuable workspace.

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