Grit Bin Winter Safety Kit - 200L Medium Pack

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Winter Preparation Kit - Medium. Prepare for cold icy weather with this fantastic winter preparation kit. This winter preparation kit includes the GB200 200 litre Supertuff grit bin, a plastic hand scoop, a heavy duty plastic shovel and 6 x 25kg bags of salt.

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Product Name Grit Bin Winter Safety Kit - 200L Medium Pack
External Dimensions 1080 x 670 x 695mm (L x W x H) GB200
Features Includes the GB200 200 Litre capacity Supertuff grit bin, a large plastic hand scoop, heavy duty plastic shovel and 6 x 25kg bags of white de-icing salt or brown rock salt.
Volume Capacity 200 Litres

Make sure that you are well prepared, whether industrially or domestically for the cold winter weather. This medium winter preparation kit includes an essential assortment of equipment aptly suitable for making light work of cold harsh conditions. The 200 litre capacity Supertuff grit and salt bin is completely constructed from a durable plastic and has a lockable water-tight lid, providing an ideal storage solution for salt and grit.

Included in this kit is a large plastic hand scoop, designed to make light work of scooping and distributing coarse materials such as salt and grit, a large plastic shovel, light in weight yet surprisingly almost unbreakable and to top it off we have included six 25kg bags of white salt.

Why buy Winter Preparation Kit – Medium?

1. Winter essentials – This kit includes everything you need to prepare your residence or business for the months of winter. From our Supertuff grit bin to the equipment for dispensing the salt, all the essentials in one package.

2. Large shovel – This medium kit, unlike the small includes the large plastic shovel. Manufactured from a tough fluorescent plastic the large two-piece shovel is bonded for added strength, it is almost unbreakable! This makes it perfect for removing snow and distributing grit to large areas such as car parks.

3. Long lasting and durable – All of the equipment supplied in this kit is of a high quality and is built to last. Manufactured from a robust and durable polyethylene the Supertuff grit bin, large scoop and shovel offer the perfect counter to cold icy conditions.

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