Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Three Sided

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Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Three Sided. A three sided super jumbo demountable roll container, offering an ideal storage and transportation solution for large bulky goods.

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Product Name Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Three Sided
External Dimensions 2000 x 800 x 1820mm (L x W x H)
Features Cages are easy to erect and dismantle; Strong reinforced design; Choice of sizes and number of side panels; High quality bright electro zinc plating;
Weight Capacity 500kg.

Sturdy and versatile, these super jumbo sized roll containers are built to withstand the strains of being used on a regular basis. They are constructed using strong and durable steel, manufactured to a reinforced design and then finished with a bright electro zinc plating. This all helps to provide a roll container that is well designed for large retail and commercial applications. The super jumbo roll container also offers a high level of visibility for its contents which has been proven to be a used attribute when the containers goods are to be checked over with an establishment.

A great advantage to these jumbo sized roll containers is the fact that they are easily erected and dismantled. They are demountable, which means that when they are not in use they can be broken down and stored in a fraction of the amount of space that they would require when fully built. The roll containers are highly manoeuvrable and can take a large load, up to 500kg, proving to be an exemplary solution when large amounts of items are required to be stored or transported.

Why buy Demountable Roll Container – Jumbo Three Sided?

  • High visibility of contents – The super jumbo three sided roll container offers fantastic visibility of the goods contained whilst securely storing them. This can make stock checking and ‘goods-in’ procedures a quick and easy process.

  • Huge range of sizes – The super jumbo roll container is the largest of our standard sized roll containers. If you have a specific requirement and require a bespoke design feel free to call and we can supply you with a quotation.

  • High quality roll container – These roll containers are built to last. Produced using strong and durable steel they are designed to withstand the rigors associated with repetitive use.

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