Confectionery Trays – 30184A

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Confectionery Trays – 30184A. These confectionery trays are available from stock in a selection of different colours including red, blue and white / natural.

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene these colour coded confectionery trays are ideal for use within food manufacturing, food processing and bakery environments for storage, handling and distribution of food ingredients and food products. Each of the different sized and formatted confectionery trays all share a common stacking feature that allows them to inter-work with one another regardless of their size and format.

These colour coded confectionery trays are compatible with our plastic dolly, the RM35DY, able to handle large stacks of bakery trays safely and securely. For further information on these confectionery trays please continue reading below...

More Information
Product Name Confectionery Trays – 30184A
SKU 30184A
External Dimensions 762 x 457 x 123mm (L x W x H)
Features Designed for storage and distribution of bakery products; Ideal for storage around the kitchen; Robust and easy to clean design; Choose from a range of colours; Choose from solid or perforated versions; Standard footprint three different depths available
Colour Red, Blue or White.
Volume Capacity 32 Litres.
Dolly Code(s) RM35DY , RM36DY

Typically used throughout the food manufacturing and food processing industries, especially within industrial bakery plants, these strong and durable plastic confectionery trays are a popular choice for the storage and distribution of bakery products, sweets and confectionaries. Their solid sides and base make the durable plastic containers an easy product to clean and maintain enhancing their hygienic properties. These colour coded confectionery trays have a standard sized footprint that is identical across the range, enabling them to be to be stacked together with any of the other different depth bakery trays.

Available from stock in a selection of food approved colour coded options the plastic confectionery trays allow for product segregation and assist with colour coding practices. All of the colours available are easily recognisable within the food manufacturing and food processing industry. The tough polypropylene construction of these plastic confectionery trays is able to withstand the hardship of storage and transportation applications and their ability to stack helps to save on space.

Why buy Confectionery Trays – 30184A?

  • Perfect for application – Traditionally used for the distribution of bakery products, baked goods, sweets and confectioneries, these plastic trays are able to lend themselves to the storage of many other items thanks to their robust nature.

  • Uniformed size – The standard size across the range of our colour coded confectionery trays allows them to be used in conjunction with each other as well as our plastic dollies, bakery trolleys and mobile steel racking.

  • Savings to be made – Purchasing plastic containers in large numbers? Feel free to call us to receive a quotation that could save you money.

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