Confectionery Tray Rack – Deep

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Confectionery Tray Rack – Deep. Designed to hold up to nine of our 30186A or 30186C plastic confectionery trays , these stainless steel bakery trolleys are perfect for use within industrial bakery plants, commercial kitchens and the food manufacturing and food processing industries.

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Product Name Confectionery Tray Rack – Deep
External Dimensions 800 x 500 x 1660mm Approximate size
Features Stainless steel construction; Will not rust or corrode; Ideal for food manufacturing and bakeries; Holds up to 15 confectionery trays; Suitable for 30186A and 30186C trays; Bespoke sizes available on request;

These stainless steel mobile racks are a highly manoeuvrable solution for the storage and transportation of confectionary products, baked goods and bakery products. Mounted onto four castors these confectionary tray racks are effortlessly handled, making the moving of products from one department to another a quick and easy process. Produced using stainless steel the confectionery tray racks are a quintessential product for any kitchen environment as they will not rust or corrode. They also prove to be quick and easy to clean and maintain, ideal for hygiene sensitive facilities such as food factories and kitchens.

These robust bakery trolleys are designed specifically to store our range of colour coded confectionary trays including 30186A and 30186C, but are also available in medium and shallow models, to suit other depths of plastic confectionery tray. Their evenly spaced levels, combined with our perforated trays allow for excellent air flow, proven to aid with cooling processes.

Why buy Confectionery Tray Rack – Deep?

  • Hygienic storage solution – These bakery trolleys are ideal for storing and transporting confectionery and bakery products. They are produced using stainless steel which is easy to clean and will not rust or corrode.

  • Designed to suit – All of our plastic confectionery trays share the same footprint, allowing them to inter-stack. These confectionery tray racks are designed specifically to host that particular size of tray, so you know that the trays will be stored securely.

  • One stop shop – Here at G-Force we aim to provide a ‘one stop shop’, catering for all your needs. Thinking of purchasing confectionery tray racks and confectionery trays in bulk? Call us today for a personalised quotation.

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